Niterói (RJ) Brazil – 16th June 2017 

Mens Trials:

The second day of the Itacoatiara Pro 2017 started in the morning, with good formation and solid 1-2m waves. With the day dedicated to defining the 7 qualifiers for the main event by the three men heats and the beginning of the heats of Pro Junior (athletes until 18 years), there was no lack of emotion in the waves at Itacoatiara. For Saturday, the day of the girls debut and Pro Junior remainder heats, the ocean should decrease, requiring even more from the competitors. With a prize purse of USD$30,000.00, this event is one of the biggest prize purses of the circuit with 5,000 points towards the ranking. The Brazilian stage of the APB World Tour celebrates its sixth edition with a waiting period from June 15th to 25th.


After the end of the second round (last 16), in the quarterfinals, which had four competitors in each heat, only the winner of each dispute secured a spot directly for the main event. Already the second placed, needed to pass for a recap, which ranked the top three to be with the elite. First athlete to secure a place in the main event, Ceará Isaias Ravyc (BRA) revealed the achievement of a dream with the classification.


“I am very happy, I have been battling for several years and this year I managed to achieve that dream and I am very happy and excited. Now in the main event, I am preparing to reach a good result,” said the athlete.


With a consistent performance in Itacoatiara Pro, Socrates Santana (BRA) was also one of the 7 athletes who secured a place in the main competition. “I managed to reach the first goal that was to qualify for the main event and now i will rest because i have big names ahead to compete against. We have a forecast of waves to rise in the next few days and i must prepare the lungs, since Itacoatiara is a heavy beachbreak,” said Santana.


Among the many foreign athletes, Kenny Jonson of Chile was another athlete who will parade among the stars of the sport. “I felt very comfortable because where I live has waves very similar to Itacoatiara and I am very happy and the goal is to continue advancing in such a good and well organized event, with beautiful landscapes, beautiful women and very good people,” said the Chilean.


Qualified athletes for the main event of Itacoatiara Pro 2017: Isaias Ravyc (Brazil); Nelson Flores (Chile), João Paulo (Brazil); Kenny Johnson (Chile); Socrates Santana (Brazil); Marcelo Faudes (Chile) and Santiago Sanchez (Argentina). The seven teams join the four wild cards- Guilherme Tâmega, Lucas Faria, João Zik and Kalani Lattanzi and also the top 24 of the APB World Tour, with 38 competitors in the title fight.


Pro Junior Round 1


After the men’s trials, it was the Pro Junior Round one that hit the water. 8 x 4 man heats advancing top 2 finishes into the quarterfinals, while the third and fourth will be eliminated.


Womens division will have new champion in 2017


In its second consecutive edition, the women’s category will have an unprecedented champion. As the 2016 champion, Isabela Sousa (BRA) will not be in contention to defend the title. The Brazilian athletes will have the mission to maintain the winning honour in Brazil. Among the top females are Brazilian’s Paola Simão, Maria Helena Tostes and Mariana Motta, as well as Ceará Patricia Setubal. However, the Brazilians will have an extremely hard competition with Japanese Ayaka Suzuki, runner-up in 2016 who has arrived hungry for the title this year.


“This stage is very beautiful and it will be a great competition for me because I love Itacoatiara, where I was in second place last year. I will be the champion in Itacoatiara this year, I hope,” enthused the Japanese Ayaka Suzuki. For the Brazilian side, Paola Simão guarantees that there is no lack of will for the title to go with Brazil.


“All the Brazilians in the race are very good and tomorrow (Saturday), the sea will be smaller, so it will depend on luck, fluency and wave quality and I think that anyone has a chance to win, but the advantage of the locals is to know which waves are better and I want to win and leave the title here at home”, stressed the local Paola Simão.


Guilherme Tâmega promotes motivational talk

The 6 x World Champion Guilherme Tâmega will be at the Plaza Shopping centre in Niteroi on Saturday 17th, at 20:00, where there will be an event activation area for the Itacoatiara Pro. Tâmega will give a motivational speech where he intends to pass on some of his knowledge to those present and instigate Brazilian’s to compete on the World Tour.


In the showroom of the Itacoatiara Pro, which will be located in a store in the plaza of the cinema in the Plaza Shopping, in front of the NOI restaurant, will be exposing all the history of the competitions, photos, videos and the public entertainment with gifts on offer too. In the same place, next weekend, June 24, will be the international tournament of Youriding, a bodyboarding videogame where athletes will compete with Itacoatiara Pro virtually.




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