Arica Chile – 2nd July 2017 


The Arica Chilean Challenge will begin on the 4th of July in Arica Chile, and the most consistent wave in the world looks likely to deliver consistently large swells for the duration of the waiting period.


The trials will start in a building swell from the morning, seeing it reach over 2 metres by the afternoon. El Gringo is a wave known for being similar in shape and quality to Hawaii’s famous Pipeline, but in the cold waters of Chile.

Earlier forecasts had the swell looking set to exceed 4 to 5 metres during the waiting period, but more recent forecasts have shown a diminution in predicted wave heights. APB and event organisers had prepared to adjust the format of the event to reduce the running time to 3 days to counter the effect that the larger swells would have on their ability to run a safe contest for competitors.


APB CEO Alex Leon:

“We love seeing the stars of our sport throwing themselves into the heaviest and nastiest waves in the world, but this was looking like another level altogether. At the end of the day, we don’t want our stars being put into situations that are too life-threatening. Luckily the forecasts have backed off, with us seeing the potential for one of the biggest and best events at El Gringo ever.”

Competition will kick off on Tuesday in a building 4-6 foot swell that will see trialists from around the world battle it out for a spot in the main round. With Chile still experiencing a boom in the popularity of the sport of bodyboarding you can expect to see local riders put in a very good showing.

Many predict that the majority of trialists progressing to the main event will be Chileans, but the international contingent representing Australia, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Brazil and more will be doing their best to upset the local crew of dedicated riders.

Current World Tour ratings leader Jared Houston had this to say about the growth of bodyboarding in Chile:

“I mean, having such a sick wave like El Gringo being so consistent all the time, and combining that with the fact that the world tour has been visiting Chile for well over a decade now, what else would you expect?

 There are so many great riders coming out of Chile, and looking at the number of Chileans making the journey over to Brazil for the last event in Itacoatiara, it won’t be very long until we see even more riders from this region on the podium.

It’s really great to see.”

Tune-in to the live stream through the APB YouTube channel, and make sure you check in with the APB commentary team of Dave Hubbard and Manny Vargas on the APB Facebook Page too.


It’s going to be HUGE!!

Photo’s: Pablo Jiménez

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