Forecast partners are predicting a very large swell in the 4-5 metre range to hit the northern Chile coast on the 6th July. APB Officials are monitoring this closely to devise a plan to condense the Grand-Slam format in case the swell is too big to be contestable.

“We are studying the charts everyday as we approach the event on Tuesday 4th July. At this stage i can say possibly 2 or 3 of the waiting period days could be a write-off due to the size and period of this swell predicted. This swell foundation had 2 low pressure systems back-to-back in the deep south pacific on Friday which has intensified the wind and therefore producing swell size up to 5 metres. El Gringo cannot handle this size swell so therefore with our limited waiting period this year of only 6 days we are now discussing a compressed format amongst the athlete representatives.” APB Director Alex Leon

The Arica Chilean Challenge is set to commence on the 4th July (Tuesday) at Ex-Isla Alcarãn, Arica, Chile.

# Athletes inscriptions will be closing on Monday 3rd July at 2:00pm. Any inscriptions after this deadline will not be accepted. Entry method by or in Arica at Tomate Surf Shop

Tomate Surf Shop (Arica) 

Address: Comercial El Morro Local 96
11am to 2,30pm and then 6pm to 10pm


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