150 of the world’s best bodyboarders rock up to surf the historical Sintra Portugal Pro

Some of the best bodyboarders in the world will be travelling to    Praia Grande, Sintra, to compete in the 22nd Sintra Portugal Pro. The top bodyboarders in the Open, Women’s, Projunior and DK categories will be walking away with prizes.

In 2016, Chilean Alan Muñoz took home the Open division, while Brazilian queen, Isabela Sousa, won the women’s title. Hawaii’s Tanner McDaniel clinched the Projunior, and Dave Hubbard collected another DK world title.

As the oldest uninterrupted stage of the tour, the Sintra Portugal Pro is one of the most loved stages on tour, turns 22 this year.

“It is truly an honour to host, once again, the Bodyboard World Tour in Sintra, and more specifically, in Praia Grande”, states João Campos, president of the Sintra Coast Bodyboard and Surf Association (ABSCS).

The town of Sintra, a long-term partner of the event, expects the Sintra Portugal Pro to continue its successful history on the bodyboarding world scene:

“We have found a winning formula here in Sintra, that has allowed us to showcase bodyboarding to the world. It was the Sintra Portugal Pro that has opened the doors of the world tour to many Portuguese elite bodyboarders, pushing many young riders, year after year, to pick up a board and attack these waves alongside their idols.”

Manuel Centeno and Catarina Sousa, two big Portuguese names on the world tour and the only local riders to have won in Sintra, will be there to compete.  So too will European champions Hugo Pinheiro and Joana Schenker, and young guns António Cardoso and Dino Carmo. Both Dino and Carmo are really making their mark on the world tour this year.

Portugal is a nation of bodyboarders. The waves, the tradition, and the support of the bodyboarding community made Viana do Castelo, Portugal, the first world tour stage outside Hawaii.

This year, there will be three additional world tour stages in Portugal: the Bodyboard Girls Experience in Madeira (23-24 September), Viana Pro (26 Sep-1 Oct) and the Nazare Pro (3-12 Oct).  But of course, Sintra, with its history and success, remains close to bodyboarders’ hearts.

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