Bodyboard Girls Experience hits Madeira

After the success of the first European event at Sintra, the worlds best women riders packed up and headed towards the volcanic island of Madeira for a dual rated event.

The 2017 Bodyboard Girls Experience will offer points on both the European Tour of Bodyboarding (ETB) and the APB, and judging by the sheer numbers of competitors looks to be a successful concept that the women want to support.

Madeira Island is located off Casablanca (Morocco) and whilst part of Portugal, has a long rich history of its own not to mention a sub-tropical climate.

But this is way more then just a contest.

24/09/2016 – ETB, na Fajã da Areia
(Foto: Joana Sousa)

24/09/2016 – ETB, na Fajã da Areia
(Foto: Joana Sousa)

It’s a neatly packaged week of sightseeing and culinary experiences that offers competitors a complete experience and great value to sample a different culture.

Today most of the girls arrived and settled into their accommodation and sampled the main break where the event will be held.

The mastermind behind the concept is local Carina Carvalho and she is very proud to show off her homeland to the tourists.

Madeira is a unique island with so many hidden treasures and I’m looking forward to showcasing these to the riders over the next few days” said Carina.

The contest starts Saturday and it looks like a brand new 3-4 feet swell will arrive just in time and then by Sunday it should be pushing 4-6 feet. I’m so happy, it looks amazing”, she added.

The Bodyboard Girls Experience competition will take place on the weekend of 23rd and 24th, and the rest of the event window mostly is dedicated to promote the sport of Bodyboarding and the wonders of Madeira.

24/09/2016 – ETB, na Fajã da Areia
(Foto: Joana Sousa)

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