Day tripping in Madeira

Day four of the Bodyboard Girls Experience in Madeira saw the team head to the NW side of the island for another day of fun & sightseeing.    

First stop was a natural waterfall that just randomly pops out the side of a mountain on a cliff top road in Madalena do Mar. This is a regular occurrence in Madeira as the island seems to beaming with life both inside & out.

This waterfall acts as a free car wash for locals but girls couldn’t resist getting amongst it for a photo shoot.

 From there the team headed to Jardim de Mar which roughly translates to the “garden of the sea”. 

 This legendary point break is the Dana Point of Madeira because for decades it was the home to some of the biggest and most perfect right-handsets on the island, holding surf in the 10 – 20 feet range.

 Big wave riders used to travel from mainland Europe to surf this wave before the local council decided that it would be better to reinforce the point break with huge concrete blocks to protect the local homes and general erosion, but in turn destroying the potential of the wave.

 This side of the island is a lot warmer and to cool off the girls found a little break-wall to jump off before settling into a local café / bar for some socializing.

 The BBGE is a fusion of a traditional surfing event combined with a carefully planned travel itinerary that showcases the best features that the Island has to offer.

 It’s the brainchild of Maderia local Carina Carvalho who thinks that she may have developed something that can be rolled out at other Women’s events around the world.

 “ It makes good sense to see more then just the contest sight at each event. The girls pay a lot of money to travel and these enrich the experience”.

 “Plus, this is why the government invests in these events. So that people coming the region will love it so much that they could become repeat visitors,” she added.

Tomorrow sees the beginning of a new swell that will peak across the weekend making for the perfect finish to an awesome week.

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ALL Pics: Ricardo Faria Paulino

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