Fog cover puts Viana on Hold!

Day two of the World Bodyboard Championship in Viana, Portugal was interrupted several times by fog.

This is a regular occurrence in this part of the world but it did wreak havoc with both riders and officials as the 4Star event stopped and started several times throughput the day.

To make matters worse the surf was well above average in the 3 to 4 feet range and with lite variable winds was creating an ideal playing field for the contestants.

The day kicked off where we finished up yesterday with Basque country rider Alex Uranga winning heat 7 to advance directly into round three.

Heat number eight saw the only Australian in the event Lewy Finnegan victorious over Moroccan and Anas Haddar & South African Tristan Roberts.

Other heat winners included Kevin Orihuela from the Canary Islands Uri Valadao from Brazil, Alan Munoz from Chile and Hawaiian Dave Hubbard.

Once again the beach was a hive of activity with hundreds of kids participating in the European week of sport program.

This is a Euro based program that encourages children to be involved with sports like bodyboarding, sailing and other waterborne activities.

Viana has a very active population that enjoy the ocean so it made for a carnival type atmosphere around the competition zone.

The APB are rolling out the stadium format he in Vienna and that requires a re-seed after round number one.

After a short break the draw was posted and the opening clash saw Nazaré local Dino Carlo victorious over Nicholas Capdeville from France.

It was a fantastic result for Nick who surferd a great campaign in Viana and proved that he still is one of the worlds best even into his 40s.

Heat 2 round 2 and Portuguese rider Miguel Adao moved into round three with a strong performance against the French Polynesian rider Nicholas Poilvet.

It was at this point that a thick sea mist came out of the horizon to engulf competition area.

At one point the fog lifted momentarily but as heat number seven between Maxine Castillo from France and Luke kitchen from South Africa was paddling out, it returned to make things impossible to judge.

The event was put on hold several times after this point until it was finally cancelled.

APB Tour manager Teza Mckenna said that despite several interruptions over the first two days the event was still “on track” time-wise.

“Our goal was to surf a minimum of 16 heats per day here in Viana and right now we have completed 32 in total across two days, so we aren’t panicking just yet”, said Tez.

With this in mind competitors are required to check in tomorrow morning at 8AM for an 8.15 start, with H7 R2 first in the water.

Images: To’ Mane’

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