Day two of the Bodyboard Girls Experience saw the crew hit the main break of Faja da Areia for some fun sized wedges early before heading to the Seixal natural pools on the North side of the Island for some serious R & R and some spectacular photo opportunities. 

 Madeira has some of the most unique geography on the planet and navigating your way around the island means negotiating tight cliff top turns and a myriad of tunnels. 


 It’s sky-scrapping volcanic mountains finish directly on the oceans edge like Tahiti and the deep Jurassic valleys are similar to the South Shore of Oahu or even Reunion island. 

 Japanese rider Ayaka Suzuki led the way in the fashion stakes by posing for a series of Sports Illustrated type pictures that got the girls inspired, and pretty soon everyone was into it.

 After some cliff diving and generally lazing about, the girls then headed for the hills to check out some monumental ravines and see what life was like for the early settlers. 

 Some of the humble stone buildings the girls saw were almost 400 years old and it gave everyone an insight into what life was like all those years ago. 

 Brazilian defending champion Neymara Carvalho sums it up perfectly.

 “This year is my 20th time that I’ve come to Portugal and this event is totally different to the other events that I’ve attended because the organizers are focused on showing the competitors all the good things that the Island has to offer. I love this event because its only girls, and some of the younger ones here are very inspired and I can help them by passing some of my experience to them”.

 “ I think that this concept could be repeated at many other events so that the riders get to not only compete, but also relax and enjoy the area. Next year I hope to do a contest in Brazil at my home town and for sure I will be doing a similar thing”, she added.

 After a few days relaxing the competitors in the BBGE will start to really focus on preparing for the weekends event and with a solid swell forecast, the action is sure to be amazing.

 Follow the girls in Madeira by searching the following hastags Visit Madeira #BBGE #BBGE2017 #bodyboardgirlsexperience #madeira #bodyboard #bodyboardgirls

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