There is a new DK World Champion in town who hails from Kaui in Hawaii, the same place that 8 x World DK Champion Dave Hubbard is from. His name is Sammy Morretino and has just taken down the elite DK riders in the world including Dave Hubbard, Cesar Baeur and many others in Portugal at the 2017 Sintra Pro.

Sammy is a very talented young rider who competes on the Hawaiian Tour but thought this year he would take the plunge an have a crack at the International Tour and has come up trumps winning the DK World Title.

Hawaii seems to be dominating the DK discipline for along time and they maybe due to the fact it was birthed on the Pacific Islands by none other than Jack Lindholm which they now call in Hawaii the Jack-Stance as we know DK (Dropknee).

We congratulate Sammy on his title and be sure this wont be the last time you hear about Sammy, he also shreds on Prone and will be making a big impact on the tour.

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