There’s a New King in Town

Fronton King 2017 Day 8 There’s a New King in Town And his name is Jared Houston, and he took the crown from last year’s king in spectacular style at El Fronton today. A late charge in a final [...]

At Fronton King, chasing the throne is exhilarating.

Fronton King 2017 Day 7 At Fronton King, chasing the throne is exhilarating. There really isn’t a better wave on the planet which offers a canvas purpose-built for bodyboarding to express itself [...]

Frontón King set to Explode!!!

The Gran Canaria Fronton King is set for an epic finish to the 2017 World Tour with forecasts predicted for amazing Fronton tomorrow (25th Oct) for Round 3 of the Main Event. Thursday (26th Oct) [...]

Fronton King 2017 Day 6

Some big names fall. Ryan Hardy not here to make up the numbers. Lionel Medina is here.   An incredible day of action and upsets at the Fronton King today in the Canary Islands. Jeff [...]

Gran Canaria Fronton King to resume at 11:00am

The Gran Canaria Fronton king will resume this morning at 11:00am with Heat 9 of Round 1 of the Mens Main event. Watch live broadcast on Round 1

The King of Fronton Dominates. A World Champion Sends a Reminder. Jeff Hubbard Goes Orbital

Amaury Lavernhe posted the highest heat score total of the day with a 17.77 for some crazy tube riding along the heavy Fronton ledge at the Fronton King 2017 today. Lavernhe was in devastating [...]

The Grateful Eight

The trialists for the Fronton King Main Event were decided today in heavy, short-period slabs at El Fronton. Grateful that the swell stayed in the contestable range. Grateful that they survived [...]

Fronton King Day 4

All Images Jesús de León

Fronton King Day 3

All Images Jesús de León

The Pro Junior King of Fronton Crowned and Trialists go Wild

William Lujan Martin of the Canary Islands is the Pro Junior Fronton King, and he made sure no one was ever close to challenging his right to this throne. An 8.67 and a 7.17 for some intense [...]

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