Amaury Lavernhe posted the highest heat score total of the day with a 17.77 for some crazy tube riding along the heavy Fronton ledge at the Fronton King 2017 today. Lavernhe was in devastating form, leaving fellow riders Alex Uranga and Carlos Sanz wondering what happened.


Pierre Louis Costes surfed like a man possessed on the rapidly diminishing tide, launching flips and riding barrels on the near exposed reef in his matchup with Jeff Hubbard and Laury Grenier. Grenier did find one decent left but was unable to exit the heavy barrel, while Jeff Hubbard was slow to get into the swing of things in his first Grand Slam heat of the year. But when he did find a ramp…

Jeff Hubbard rejoined the APB Tour Grand Slam in spectacular style today, launching probably the largest el rollo of the entire competitive year. After a very slow start to his heat against Laury Grenier and Pierre Louis Costes, Hubbard finally found what he needed to remind everyone competing in this event that he was serious.


Taking an inside north wedge across the shallow reef, Hubbard eyed off an oncoming section that only grew as he approached it. By the time Hubbard connected with the lip, the wave was an easy 6-8 foot high, and Jeff Hubbard did what Jeff Hubbard does best – he went orbital! The crowd was awestruck by the aerial display, cheering for the multiple world champion as a dropped into the foaming whitewash, emerging in the channel.


Other great performances during the day included a clinical approach to the wave from Iain Campbell, who narrowly edged out an in-form Brahim Iddouch and Lionel Medina. Jacob Romero found some serious shade in his heat to take the win, and Jared Houston was in mighty fine form in the first heat of the day.


The call for tomorrow is a 10:30 assessment by the organizers, with Heat 9 featuring Roberto Bruno, Mike Stewart and Joshua Burguete-Kirkman next to hit the water.


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