Tuesday October 3, 2017

Nazare Pro on hold today. Waiting for large swell to pass. Hopes that sandbanks will improve.

Large a-frame waves with barrels so wide you could drive a bus or two through them and ramps that Tony Hawk wouldn’t even hit. This was not on display at the famous big wave mecca Nazare, north of Portugal’s capital Lisboa.

What was on display was a messy new swell expected to build overnight and peak at 1am with a large high tide. This may some problematic to many of you reading this, but in reality organisers are hoping for it to be a blessing.


Because Praia do Norte, the famous beach where the world class waves we have come to expect usually break, has no sand banks.

Freesurfing yesterday in the smaller conditions so riders catching 4 foot waves only metres from the shore at low tide, and then almost nothing at high tide. The beach itself is ballooning with a surplus of sand the likes of which hasn’t been witnessed in decades.

Contest Director Terry McKenna:

“This is an historically bad situation when it comes to the sand banks. Locals have told me that they haven’t seen sand like this in literally decades. The local promoter is hoping that this large swell that is building will shake things up, and all of us at the APB are hoping they are right.”

The decision to put the contest on hold was made this morning at Praia do Norte with organisers looking for a start tomorrow as the tide begins to drop, with hopefully contestable waves on offer (if the fog doesn’t obscure it too much).

Making any bodyboarding event happen is challenging, but while there is a surplus of sand causing problems on the beach, there is a surplus of optimism and stoke from organisers and competitors alike to make this event a cracker!

Check in tomorrow morning 9:00am

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