The Grateful Eight

The Grateful Eight

The trialists for the Fronton King Main Event were decided today in heavy, short-period slabs at El Fronton. Grateful that the swell stayed in the contestable range. Grateful that they survived unscathed. Grateful that their abilities delivered when they needed them most.

The eight riders in question are:

Jonathon Vega (es)

Joshua Burguete-Kirkman (au)

Kevin Orihuela (es)

Dailos Rodriguez (es)

Lionel Medina (es)

Laury Grenier (re)

Aitor Ojeda (es)

Sergio Quevedo (es)

These eight riders shone brighter than their peers today at Fronton, hitting the sections that others wouldn’t; attempting the aerial moves others dared not try; riding the heaving Fronton barrel better than the rest. They earned the privilege to compete against the world’s best, and when competition resumes, the world’s best better watch out.

Some of the highlights from the day included: Jonathon Vega’s 16-point domination in heat 1 of the quarter finals, which saw him launching a massive rollo and riding a crazy barrel; Kevin Orihuela’s last minute buzzer beating air forward to progress through to the Main Event with Joshua Burguete-Kirkman; Patrick Orr’s high flying rollo, and so much more.

The Atlantic Ocean really delivered today and the level of riding on display was exceptional.

Next call is the morning Wednesday. Stay tuned to APB Facebook for all the details.

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