The APB celebrates “International Bodyboarding Day” with the greatest honour of all ……

For the first time ever – Mike Stewart 9 x World Champion has just become the first ever inductee to the Bodyboarding Immortals! This is the most honourable achievement in the sport. Mike would like to thank the athletes and fans of the sport and the APB for the recognition.

APB Ceo Alex Leon commented – We have created the “Hall of Fame” for the sport that being the “Bodyboarding Immortals” and we all know the greatest deserving athletes is Mike Stewart and what a great day to induct the first ever athlete into the Bodyboarding Immortals than on International Bodyboarding Day #intbbday

This global honour is to recognize the brilliance of Mike Stewart and his career in Bodyboarding. Mike has built his reputation from the following milestones:

  • 9 x World Champion (Record Titles)
  • First Ever Bodyboarder to paddle JAWS
  • 11 x Pipeline Champion plus other Pipe Events (PSA, Wave Rebel, Scott Championships)
  • Awarded the “Mister Pipeline” Title (First ever non-standup surfer to receive accolade)
  • Only athlete to have competed in all Pipeline Events since 1982
  • Pioneered Teahupo’o in late 1980’s
  • 8 x National Hawaii Tour Champion
  • Made it to the finals of every competition entered in his first 3 years.
  • Innovation and technology advances with Tom Morey.
  • Created the 4 man priority concept that is used in Surfing and Bodyboarding competition.

At age 54, Mike is still competing on the world stage and just finished 21 in the 2017 end of year rankings. The APB wishes Mike the best for his life and hope to see him still competing into the future.

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  • Hamadolo


  • Konadaze

    Very, very well deserved. Accomplishments are in a league of their own but the contribution to the Sport overall is immeasurable. Much respect and congratulations to the fellow Kona boy, Mr Mike Stewart!!

  • Scratchchance

    Mike is a humble guy who always promotes this sport. Congratulations brah!

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