Jase Finlay – Shark Island Champion!

Cronulla, Sydney December 7, 2017

The 20th Anniversary of the Shark Island Challenge went down in good 4-6 feet heavy slabbing Shark Island yesterday and it was the “people’s champion” Jase Finlay (Australia) who dominated the event and was crowned the 2017 SIC Champ!

The format of Shark Island as an APB World Tour specialty event was made up of 25 invitees from around Australia which all riders surf 2 rounds and the top 5 highest scoring athletes using their best 3 waves go into a 5 man final. It was the NSW South Coast legend Jase Finlay who finlay got the victory after finishing 5th in 2013, 4th in 2014, 3rd in 2015, 2nd in 2016 and 1st in the 2017 Shark Island Challenge.

Although Finlay had a slow start in Round 1, he managed to turn the heat up in Round 2 where he came out blitzing pulling off a huge Air Reverse off a heavy surge section to gain the only perfect 10 point ride in the event. The final was held on the back side of the high tide and the conditions became more dangerous as the 6 feet solid east swell started dredging over the shallow reef. Local legend Alex Leon got sucked over the falls on a 6-8 feet surge bomb and bounced on the reef which looked quite scary as some spectators stated. Lachlan Cramsie and Chris Deller also struggled to find makable waves in the final but it was Finlay and Shaun Pyne who went neck and neck in very close exchange of wave riding but at the end of the 40 minute final it was Jase Finlay who claimed his maiden Shark Island Challenge Championship!


Finlay commented.. “To have my name engraved next to the greats of the sport, and the greats of Shark Island is massive! For me, its the most heralded competition there is, and i have literally dreamt of winning since i was 11 years old watching all the VHS of the very first event in 1997. The organizers, sponsors and locals put in a massive effort to make this event what it is , and my wife and bub, my family, and my sponsors have always put in so much for me to help me achieve my dreams, STOKED!



1st – Jase Finlay (NSW)

2nd – Shaun Pyne (Cronulla)

3rd – Chris Deller (Cronulla)

4th – Alex Leon (Cronulla)

5th – Lachlan Cramsie (QLD)


Best Barrel – Lachlan Cramsie

Best Air move – Jase Finlay (Air reverse)

Heaviest wipeout – Alex Leon 

Images: Sam Venn @samvennphotographer


To view the event broadcast please click link: www.apbtour.com/live 

Thanks to the supporting sponsors of the #SIC17:

www.openlive.co  –    www.emeraldsurfcity.com.au  –  www.epicentre.tv

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  • locoelho

    For me, this was one the best SIC ever, every thing you guys put together only for us to watch, all the cameras and stuff. I never saw such a great show as this one was. Thank you guys, keep up the good work! Congrats!

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