APB World Tour 2018

April 11th, Sydney Australia

The APB World Tour is set to continue in Chile in mid May and the APB team has been working on different changes for the structure in 2018 including a new format for the Mens Tour, a Pro Junior & DK World Championships, a returning location and a split 2 tier system and we cant wait to deliver these exciting new additions to the global fans of Bodyboarding. There has already been a 1 Star QEST in South Africa which was a small event but a success with Tristan Roberts winning on home turf and a great development event for the sport in South Africa. Read more here: https://apbtour.com/2018/04/roberts-kicks-start-the-year/


The Mens World Tour in 2018 will see a 2 tier structure that being the WGS (World Grand Slam Series) and the QEST (Qualifying event series tour). The WGS will be the top 32 field of competitors (Top 24 + 4 Wildcards + 4 trialists) and the QEST will be a qualifying tour for all mens athletes to participate in. At the end of the 2018 season, the top 8 athletes of the QEST will replace the bottom 8 WGS athletes. The World Title will be decided by the best 3 WGS results. The QEST Tour top qualifiers will be decided by the best 2 QEST events and best WGS trials event.


The WGS will undertake a new format that will include a Shark Island style format mixed with a competitive man-on-man format which will push the level of riding high and become more and exciting for spectators. The WGS format will see a field of 32 riders all surf 3 rounds non-elimination (competing against alternate athletes) and the best 3 waves from each rider will count to make the top 16 cut to enter the man-on-man round 4, from there it will remain MxM to the final. This new format is designed to give ample opportunity to all athletes and also allow fans to watch their favourite athletes compete multiple times as they strive for the biggest scores possible and  to eliminate the “safe surf” concept to win heats which is sometimes not exciting for viewers.

Tour returns to Australia

Along with a new format for the World Grand Slam series (WGS) there is also the return of the Australian South Coast event – The Kiama Bodyboard Slam which will also include  the WWS (Womens World Series), a Pro Junior specialty event and a tow-out air show along with local community projects and festivities.

JNR/DK World Championships 

The DK and Pro Junior categories have struggled to maintain a high number of competitors and this is predominately due to high travel costs and small sponsorship support. The APB recognises this and has decided to make in 2018 a one world championships for these 2 categories. The World DK Championships will be held in Sintra Portugal this year and the Pro Junior World Championships will be held in Viana Portugal both in September.



DateEvent NameRatingSeedsPointsLocationPrizemoneyEvent Status
1March 31 – April 3West Beach Warfare1 StarOpen1,000Port Alfred South Africa$ 5,000Tristan Roberts
2May 20 – 27Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival5 StarOpen5000Ola La Cupula, Antofagasta$ 25,000Confirmed
3June 4 -13Arica Bodyboard CultureWGSTop 2410,000Isla Ex Alcaran, Arica, Chile$ 30,000Confirmed
4June 16 -27Itacoatiara ProWGSTop 2410,000Itacoatiara, Niteroi, Brasil$ 30,000Confirmed
5July 30 – August 9NSW Kiama Bodyboard SlamWGSTop 2410,000Kiama, NSW, Australia$ 30,000Confirmed
6September 11 – 16Sintra Pro6 StarOpen6000Praia Grande, Sintra, Portugal$ 30,000Tentative
7September 24 – 30World Bodyboard Championship4 StarOpen4000Arda Beach, Viana, Portugal$ 20,000Tentative
8October 3 – 11Nazare ProWGSTop 2410,000Praia de Norte, Nazare, Portugal$ 30,000Tentative
9October 14 – 28Gran Canaria Frontón King ProWGSTop 2410,000El Fronton, Galdar, Canary Is$ 30,000Tentative
DateEvent NameRating PointsEvent SitePrizemoneyEvent Status
1May 20 – 27Antofagasta Bodyboard FestivalWWSOpen5,000Ola La Cupula, Antofagasta$ 15,000Confirmed
2July 30 – August 9NSW Kiama Bodyboard SlamWWSOpen5,000Kiama NSW Australia$ 10,000Confirmed
3September 11 – 16Sintra ProWWSOpen5,000Praia Grande, Sintra, Portugal$ 10,000Tentative
4October 3 – 11Nazare ProWWSOpen5,000Praia de Norte, Nazare, Portugal$ 10,000Tentative
Best 3 out of 4 WWS count for world title
DateEvent NameRating PointsEvent SitePrizemoneyEvent Status
1September 24 – 30World Bodyboard ChampionshipGrand SlamArda Beach, Viana, Portugal$ 10,000Tentative
DateEvent NameRating PointsEvent SitePrizemoneyEvent Status
1September 11 – 16Sintra ProGrand SlamPraia Grande, Sintra, Portugal$ 15,000Tentative
DateEvent Name   Event SitePrizemoneyEvent Status
April – OctoberShark Island ChallengeShark IslandTBC Confirmed
July 30 – August 9NSW Kiama Bodyboard SlamPro Jnr EventOpenKiama NSW AustraliaTBCConfirmed
September 11 – 16Sintra Pro JuniorPro Jnr EventOpenPraia Grande, Sintra, PortugalTBCConfirmed

Image by: Richard Aleman / FK17

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  • Kai Holland

    No Hawaii or US events. Shame.

    • Dwayne

      They are adding U.S. , Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Mexico!!

      • Bob

        When is Hawai’i?

  • Art Fisher

    Like most of us who can’t attend tour events, while I enjoy seeing standings, scores etc., I rely on web presence and notifications primarily for info on venues, dates and WEBCAST info. That’s where my main connection to apbtour is. Please post liberally on those topics. Curious to see how the changes (QS) will play out. Carry on. Thanks for doing what you guys do.

  • Claudde

    Anyone know procedure to enter the trials or Qest? To be able to compete at these events and make it for the following year?

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