With the full blessing and support of the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB), we are proud to announce the formation of APB North America. Through a five year development plan, APB North America aims to recultivate and grow the sport of bodyboarding in the Mainland United States along with the North American regions of Puerto Rico and Mexico.  Plans for 2018 include the certification of bodyboard instructors and judges as well as establishing clinics, schools, and clubs. APB North America has also set its sights on organizing a four event tour in 2019 with competitions to potentially be held in Puerto Rico, the US east coast, California, and Mexico.


The APB North America Board of Representatives is comprised of the following members:


PRESIDENT: Steve Jackson (US East Coast)

Steve Jackson has worked as a commentator on the APB world tour, and was an Event Coordinator for the Jenks Pro (New Jersey) and USBA tour events in New York, California, and Mexico (2006-2012).


SECRETARY: Vicki Reale (US West Coast)

Vicki Reale is a former Top 10 competitor on the Women’s World Tour, and co-owner of


TREASURER: Washington Teixeira (Hawaii)

Washington Teixeira is a former world tour event organizer from Brazil, and owner/founder of North Shore Embroidery in Hawaii.


TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: Rogerio Bezerra Paes (US West Coast)

Rogerio Bezerra Paes began judging in Brazil in 1990, and has been an internationally certified judge since 2003.



Manny Vargas is our main commentator on the live broadcasts of the APB World Tour. He is a former professional bodyboarder (1989-2000) and former editor for Bodyboarding Magazine (2000-2002). He currently is working in sales at Plus, he has his own bodyboarding podcast:


REPRESENTATIVE: Natasha Sagardia (Puerto Rico)

Natasha Sagardia is 2008 ISA World Champion, and was inducted into the Puerto Rico Museum of Sports in 2015. She is, also, the event organizer and promoter of the Encanto Pro Cultura.


REPRESENTATIVE: Jay Reale (US West Coast)

Jay Reale is a former professional bodyboarder and 1989 Pipeline finalist. He is also a professional commentator, and co-owner of


REPRESENTATIVE: Karla Costa (Hawaii)

Karla Costa is 1999 Women’s World Champion, 2010 US Women’s National Champion, and a 4-time Pipeline Champion.


REPRESENTATIVE: Miguel Torres (Mexico)

Miguel Torres is 2006 BIA Masters Champion (California) and 2016 Masters National Champion (Mexico). He is a certfied international judge with the Mexican Surfing Federation, and Head Judge on Mexico’s national bodyboarding tour.


REPRESENTATIVE: Jesus Nesta Nunez (Mexico)

Jesus Nesta Nunez is an event organizer and the Custom X Bodyboards distributor for Mainland Mexico.



Legendary bodyboarding promoter Patti Serrano has been brought on, in an advisory role, by Board President Steve Jackson. Patti helped build the sport of bodyboarding in the 70’s and 80’s, and has arguably more experience and success promoting our sport than anyone in bodyboarding history.


About the APB:

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) organizes the annual tour of professional bodyboard competitions and broadcasts each event live at where you can experience the strength and journey of the sport – anywhere and anytime it’s on.  The APB sanctions and operates the Championship Tour, which determines the sport’s undisputed world champions.  The organization is headquartered in Cronulla (NSW), Australia.  Regional promoters in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Hawaii, South America, and now in North America support the APB.

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  • Patrick Engelman

    Awesome! I’m from Boston and the local ESA surf competition “bodyboard” category always gets won by a retirement-age longboarder who knows how to do an el rollo on 2 foot windswell (he is awesome but it would be cool to see some actual bodyboard skills). There are a few small bodyboard crews in Rhode Island but it’s really the Jersey brown slab boys who will dominate the east coast I think

  • Dwayne

    This is awesome news!! Can’t wait for the U.s. tour! I live in C.A. The beach/reef breaks haven’t been chosen yet right?

  • Joe Miskov

    Great news and a long time coming! I hope this serves to reinvigorate the sport in this part of the world!

  • Juan Ripoll

    I’m excited about the plans to set up bodyboarding schools and clinics in the mainland US. That will definitely help the sport grow.

  • Boogie Slater

    Don’t forget to hook up with MoFrenz in California/ Baja.

  • Finn Cardiff

    Great to see this formed! We really need more representation of bodyboarding to grow the sport and pique people’s interest. Hope to see this recultivate the sport and make it much more popular!


    If you need any help in the NYC area, we’re down and motivated.

    • Terry McKenna

      Hi Snot Nose crew, we now have a sponsorship manager living near Jersey so I should connect you guys. Be great to get the APB back on mainland USA.

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