Although today the waves dropped in size and intensity the athletes managed to adapt to these conditions and put on a good show in this fifth round, which decides the top 16 riders for this stage of the world tour.

Around 07:00 hours the first heat entered the water, where canary island local Kevin Orihuela stood out, leaving second position to Portuguese rider Antonio Cardoso and third to his compatriot Lionel Medina. Later in the second heat the surprise was the elimination of number 7 in the world Roberto Bruno, by young Hawaiian Sammy Morretino and the in-form Carlos Sanz of the Canary Islands. One of the stand-out heats was South African Tristan Roberts, Brazilian Eder Luciano and 18-year-old Chilean Cristóbal Fernández, who hit first, then second, without Luciano, at the last minute leaving him out of competition with a wave of 8 points. Another hard battle was fought in the seventh heat, where the Chileans Sacha Damjanic, Manuel Cepeda and Alan Muñoz were all stacked in the same heat, however the more experienced riders knew how to choose and take advantage of their waves which left him in first position for much of the manga . So Antofagasta locals Damjanic and Cepeda were left with the responsibility and pressure in their hands, and already reaching the final

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