Arica Chile, 8th June, 2018

Alan Munoz is softly spoken and clearly prefers actions over words. He is the points leader after two rounds of the Arica Cultura Bodyboard Grand Slam and it looks like he has a new ending to the story that started last year.

Alan was the guy who took to the skies in the dying seconds of the Arica competition last year, earning himself the ‘Move of the Year’, a viral social media post, and the respect of the world’s best bodyboarders. This year it looks increasingly like he wants it all.

If he keeps up his current performance level, he may well have it all too.

The conditions for today’s Round 2 of the Main Event saw riders competing in larger swell that was still inconsistent from heat-to-heat. With larger conditions, Head Judge Chico Garritano decided to adjust the scale and demand more from the riders if they wanted an excellent score. This meant that riders either lifted their game or remained stuck with low scores from the previous day’s round.

Alan Munoz was one rider rose to the challenge, threading a large barrel on a set wave and finishing off with a lofty flip on the left-hander at El Flopos. The local crowd always loves seeing Alan perform and they were vocal about it. The next highest score of the day came from Australia’s ‘grom reborn’ Joshua Burguete-Kirkman who, after waiting patiently for much of the heat, tucked into the tube at the peak and rode through three sections of the wave before exiting in the channel wash. Pierre Louis Costes managed to launch one of his trademark air forwards on a smaller wave on the left-hander to round out the top three scores of the round.

The remainder of the filed either incrementally built on their 3 wave totals with average scoring rides, many obviously hoping for better chances tomorrow to perform. Jacob Romero showed some of his classy air game by launching a huge air reverse on the right hander at El Flopos that he was unable to hold. Tanner McDaniel also managed to blast a beautiful invert on the left-hander to build his tally, while Eder Luciano of Brazil was able to find a draining barrel on the right-hander and finish with one of his trademark ARS to build his total.

Last year’s world champion Iain Campbell, who has 5 stitches in his head after hitting the reef yesterday managed to launch an exceptional air forward that he was forced to hit the eject button on, while the other battle-weary rider from yesterday Alex Uranga was able to ride a few waves, but in obvious pain. The crowd appreciated them showing up after what was a painful day for them both in Round 1.

Conditions are expected to remain relatively the same, if not slightly larger for tomorrow’s expected completion of Round 3 and decider of the top 16 to continue in man-on-man heats for the finals.

Tune in to the live stream tomorrow at: https://apbtour.com/live/






Images: Pablo Jimenez, Patrick Perez, Josh Tabone

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