Heat of the day sees in-form Finnegan eliminated from competition

Athlete: Iain Campbell (South Africa) Photo: Tamone

The third day of the Viana World Bodyboard Championships was marked by the first 10 of the competition, delivered by former world champion Uri Valadão of Brazil. Conditions have been great during the event so far, but a perfect score had been so far elusive at Arda Beach, Portugal. Uri Valadao had the wave and the approach to make it happen.

Valadao paddled into a right-hand set wave, which was uncharacteristic for the conditions, drew a clean line from the beginning and launched a high-flying ARS into the flats, collecting some more speed and adding another two rollos to his wave before finishing up.

Immediately following Valadao’s exceptional ride, Kevin Orihuela responded with a fast, clean line towards a perfectly executed air reverse. This score earned him 9 points. Finnegan was able to respond with an 8-point ride to bring him into the equation, but in the end his heat score total (which would have seen him win any other heat of the day) was not enough for him to progress.

Local Portuguese rider Ricardo Rosmaninho, who in the first two days looked like a podium candidate, shocked the Portuguese fans by losing in the second heat of the morning in round 4. The young bodyboarder from could not match the efforts of Brazilian Eder Luciano and the Canary Islander Diego Cabrera.

Dino Carmo of Nazare was able to remain competition thanks to a great tactical demonstration to overcome the Easter Island athlete, Cristobal Fernandez, finishing in second place behind Frenchman Maxime Castillo.

“It was once again very hard,” said Dino Carmo, explained. “The sea was very complicated, with three sandbanks making it difficult to choose waves. I managed to get only one good one, which forced me to be aware of what Cristobal was doing.”

Iain Campbell managed show the form he is better known for in his heat, progressing in style and looking likely to be a good chance of defending his title from last year. 2019 World Title contender Pierre Louis Costes had a lower scoring advancement into Round 5 in a heat that was starved of decent waves. George Humphries managed to keep the Australian flag flying in competition sneaking past Chile’s Alan Munoz, who was unable to complete a solid flip that might have seen him jump up out of third place in his heat.

Pro Junior competition also continued today with two Portuguese riders still in the world title race. Marco Vieira, trained by 10-time Portuguese National Champion Manuel Centeno, and Miguel Ferreira, from Carcavelos, managed to keep the home crowd inspired, reaching the quarterfinals.

Armide Soliverdes of Spain was able to advance to the Quarter Finals in strong form, posting a heat score total of 15.4, while Noah Capdeville of France and Liam Lucas of Australia both kept their world title dreams alive by progressing through a lower scoring heat together. Javier Zerpa of Spain posted the highest heat score total of the Pro Junior round (16.4) to advance along with newly crowned European Champion Yon Aimar.

Conditions are predicted to see the swell reduce slightly tomorrow, but the sun will be shining, and competition will be fierce.

Tune in for all the live action online tomorrow.

All pics by: Tó Mané  www.tomanephotos.com

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