Day three of the Sintra pro once again had to deal with the elements as a thick sea fog rolled into the Contest site and stayed there for three hours.

Over the last two days 10 hours of competition time has been lost and as a result competition went as far into the evening as possible to try make up for lost time.

Today everybody hit the water starting with the women’s division and then followed up by the DK.

Round 3 on the men’s division hit the water and with the rising swell there were some great performances.

Today it was the Darkhorse day with Venezuelan Anglo Freda and Guadalupe local Martin Mouradian both standouts with clean snappy combos Netting some big points.

In the women’s division two young Portuguese sisters by the name of Madalena Padrela and her sister Teresa qualified for round four making for a unique experience for the girls.

In the DK division young Hawaiian Kawiki Rohn-Kamai was one of the standouts going into tomorrow’s top-seeded round.

The day finished with round four of the men’s and as expected most of the big names got through including Eder Luciano George Humphries Patrick Orr and Daniel Fonseca all winning their heats. The last three heads of the rant could not be finished and will start first thing tomorrow.

All in all it was another great day in Sintra and competition starts tomorrow morning at 7:45

Oh competitors at the check-in at 7:30 tomorrow morning

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  • Derek monell

    Huge mahalo to the Hawaii crew. Our family was travelling and our son picked up the Sintra
    Pro was a day trip away. We went and the Hawaii crew was so nice to him, signed his shirt left him so stoked after touring 10076 churches with the parents😎

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