The Nazare Pro will commence tomorrow, the 4th of October, at Praia do Norte and when it finishes the bodyboarding world will know who the men’s and women’s world champions are for 2018.

In the men’s world title race, defending world champion Iain Campbell currently leads the rankings going into this final event, having been unable to secure the title at the Kiama Pro in Australia. Had Campbell not been thwarted by Morroco’s Brahim Iddouch and Australian legend of the sport Dave Winchester, there would be nothing to fight for in Nazare. The title for 2018 would already be his.

Lucky for Jared Houston, Pierre Louis-Costes and Tanner McDaniel, the opportunity to clinch a world title is still possible, and all these riders know how to perform at this spectacular location.

So, what will it take for Iain Campbell to secure a second consecutive world title? Those not familiar with the sport of bodyboarding and the caliber of the contenders might think that Campbell has one hand already on the trophy, but the more astute observer of the sport would conclude that this title is still very much anyone’s.

But, the title is most definitely Campbell’s if neither Houston, McDaniel or PLC take the win at Nazare.

In the event that Tanner McDaniel is victorious at Nazare, even if Iain Campbell is able to finish in 2nd place, the title will be McDaniel’s either outright or on a countback of the best two results from each rider (McDaniel would have two wins, while Campbell would have a win and second placing).

If PLC is able to win the event and Iain Campbell be eliminated before the final, then the title is his. If Campbell is able to finish in second place to PLC, then the countback would see them equal, and thus require a surf off heat to decide the world champion.

In the event that Jared Houston is victorious in Nazare and Campbell is not able to make the final, then there would again be a surf off heat between the two riders to decide the world championship.

For the women’s world championship race, Ayaka Susuki of Japan is the ratings leader coming into this event. Like the Men’s division, there are numerous scenarios that can decide the eventual world title, with Susuki, defending champion Joana Schenker, and previous world champions Alexandra Rinder and Isabela Sousa all in contention.

For the women, here are the scenarios:

If Ayaka Susuki is able to win the event, then she will be the world champion. If Suzuki finishes second in this event and Sousa is equal 3rd then there will be a tie that would result in Isabela Sousa being crowned world champion. If Susuki finishes second and Isabela Sousa take the win, then Sousa will clinch the title outright.

Defending champion Joana Schenker needs a win and also for Susuki to be eliminated by the semi-final, and Sousa to be eliminated in the quarter finals for her to take the win outright. In the event that Susuki finishes 2nd then Schenker would be the champion on a countback. In the event that Sousa finishes equal 3rd, there would need to be a surf off heat between Sousa and Schenker to decide the World Champion.

Isabela Sousa can be the outright Women’s World Champion if she wins the Nazare Pro. If she finishes second to Joana Schenker, she will also be the champion. In the event that she finishes 3rd, with Joana Schenker in 1st place and Susuki in 2nd place, then a surf off between Schenker and Sousa would decide the title.

A lot has to fall in place for Alexandra Rinder to claim the title. She first of all needs to win the event. If Ayaka Susuki is unable to do better than 3rd place and Isabela Sousa eliminated in the quarter finals, then there would be a surf off between Rinder and Susuki for the world title.

As the reader can see, there are many scenarios that will come into play to decide this year’s world champions and the only thing that is certain is that tuning in to the Live Stream is the only way to enjoy all the action.

The forecast shows smaller waves for the start of the waiting period and then some serious swell pulsing into Praia do Norte by the weekend.

Nazare is a special place for bodyboarding, and for one of these world title hopefuls, it will be extra special indeed.

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