Since announcing their formation back in April, APB North America has been relatively quiet with the exception of a handful of press releases over the past seven months. The most recent of those communiques  came in late August and hinted at an upcoming announcement in November. This left many bodyboarders anxiously awaiting news about what APB North America has planned for 2019. That wait is over…sort of. Here’s a closer look at what this fledgling organization has been working on.
Judging & Instructor Certification Programs
  The first stage of APB North America is to roll out it’s Judging & Instructor Certification Programs in late January 2019. APB North America Technical Director Rogerio Bezerra has been working diligently with APB NA President Steve Jackson to develop programs that ensure the United States and the entire North American region have qualified judges for all amateur and professional competitions as well as having officially certified instructors at each and every bodyboarding school and clinic. Once these certification programs are finalized, the APB North America Board of Directors will vote on final approval of program guidelines.
Organization & Registration of Schools and Clubs
  APB North America is continuing to work on organizing and strengthening bodyboard communities through the formation and registration of bodyboarding schools and clubs. Clubs can officially register through the website. Local events and pro/am competitions will be run through these schools and clubs.
Online & Social Media
  APB North America has established itself on social media with Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram accounts. The official web page will be located  on the website in 2019.
Free Clinics
  APB North America will be organizing a series of free bodyboarding clinics in 2019, running youth clinics (12 & under), women’s clinics (all ages), and Adaptive clinics for amputees amd veterans with PTSD. Adaptive Bodyboarding Event Coordinator Jon Sedor will be overseeing all of the Adaptive events as well as personally organizing events in Florida. Eastern Lines Surf Shop (Belmar, New Jersey), a long-time supporter of bodyboarding in “The Garden State,” will be helping to run clinics and events in summer 2019. Steve Barnes, the owner/operator of SoCal Bodyboarders, will be helping to organize clinics in California as well as being one of the first bodyboarding schools in the United States to institute APB North America’s Instructors Program. There are, also, free clinics being discussed for Hawaii, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.
State & National Events
  Amateur and professional events are being organized so that state champions and national champions can be crowned for Men’s, Women’s, Drop Knee, Pro Junior, and Masters  divisions.
Advancement & Seeding
  By establishing events on the state, national, and regional levels there will be a clear path of advancement  from one level of competition to the next. Top ranked competitors at the state level will qualify for national competition,  and top national riders will be seeded into the North American Regional Tour. Top ranked competitors from the APB North America Regional Tour will qualify for the APB  QEST (Qualifying Event Series Tour) with an opportunity to gain seeding on the WGS (World Grand Slam) series which crowns bodyboarding’s world champions.
Regional Pro Tour
  As APB North America alluded to in August, the 2019 North America Regional Tour will consist of five events:
July – Hawaii – TBC
August  – Mainland Mexico – TBC
September  – New Jersey – TBC
October – Puerto Rico – TBC
November – Southern California – TBC
  The Regional Tour schedule, locations, and dates will be confirmed in February, five months in advance of the first scheduled event. All clinics and special events will be announced as they are confirmed.
On behalf of everyone at APB North America have a happy, healthy, wave-filled  holiday season! We’ll see you in 2019!
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  • Darrell

    Regarding the San Diego event I say this. Others and I would love to participate. I am one of several OB regulars who are over 60 years of age. We could possibly bring some insight and vibe as we are all stoked. I just recently heard the Ocean Beach in SD site selection after an ectensive vacation. Id love to help and especially compete….free !!!

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