After delivering one of the best events of 2018, Arturo and his team have been rewarded for all the hard work with a Grand Slam event in 2019.

The event will also be the richest of the year with US$50,000 for the Men meaning that the winner will walk away with a cool US$10,000 cheque!!

This will mean that the Chilean leg will now consist of three events, AntofagastaIquique & Arica with three grand Slams on the South American leg (Itacoatiara, Antofagasta & Arica).

The 2019 APB Grand Slam Tour will consist of 4 events with the best 3 counting towards the championship but this could end up best 3 from 6 events if the last two Grand Slams confirm prior to the Feb 28th deadline.

Event 1            Itacoatiara, Brazil

Event 2            Antofagasta, Chile

Event 3            Arica, Chile

Event 4            Kiama, Australia

Event 5            Fronton, Gran Canaria (TBC)

Event 6             TBC (Stay tuned, potentially huge news)

Event organiser Arturo Soto is ecstatic about hosting the cities first ever Grand Slam.

“It is evident that since we brought this world tour event to Antofagasta, it has become a contribution to the development of the city. As the community begins to value the coastline investors believe and contribute to the development of the sport, and the bodyboard athletes have had the opportunity to scale and develop their international sports career mainly due to the high production standards presented by the ABF Chile.

This reinvention of the city allows the local bodyboarders to develop a series of initiatives in diverse places on the coast of the city, like the construction of sports schools of Bodyboarding and surfing, changing the face to a city that for years was 100% mining.

These days a new economic pole has been developed around tourism, from visualizing our natural and cultural riches, aligned to what the government and the municipality are looking for because this international platform such as the ABF Chile changes the paradigm and achieves an economic synergy between private companies, government, municipality and universities that allow a strong development of our sport in the city of Antofagasta.

Since 2012, the ABF Chile has established value to our sea and waves, because people never imagined that Antofagasta has waves of great international level, such as Hawaii, Australia or the best surf spots in the world. This contribution to the community, and the social and cultural development of our city, is intended to enhance and eloquently show the potential of our coast so this Grand Slam is undoubtedly an opportunity we seek to enhance our sport and have time to highlight the great potential of our waves.

In addition produce with the same level of commitment of all the years a mega event that allows to place the sport of Bodyboarding where it deserves and with the highest international standards in the execution of the events.

The realization of this Grand Slam, which is infused with a multicultural festival, involving more than 60 social organizations that give life to this event, is to take the big step and move to the next level with clear associated objectives including:

  • Continue to strengthen the local and national circuit and above all to be able to demonstrate that in Antofagasta we have a world-class wave, also in recent years we know that we have done a great job, being one of the best dates in the world circuit in terms of production and organization, but unfortunately the wave has not accompanied us, we know that ” La Cúpula de Poder” is a very good wave, has the potential to be a grand slam.
  • We want to bring the best 24 athletes in the world and show them the work and the impact of this sport in our city, one of the richest in Chile.
  • Making a grand slam we make sure that the competitors know the true potential of the wave, because last year the championship ended on Sunday with small waves, however on Monday this changed to waves of 3 to 3.5 meters perfect. So we need to have more days to show the best conditions of the wave and thus commit ourselves to perform the best production that has been known in the history of this sport, this equal or better to the super-productions of the surfing championships of the WSL”.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting event soon.

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