2019 is an important year for the national bodyboard and for the history of this sport in Chile, not only because Chile is a country that has important exponents of this sport, because it will also host important stages of the world circuit of Bodyboarding. (Unlike surfing, in bodyboarding Chile has competitors among the 10 best in the world)

For the first time, Antofagasta will have a “Grand Slam” event, which makes it the single most important event in the world joining surfing super powers such as Hawaii & Australia. ABBF will have the most points and money to be distributed – with 9,000 points and USD$ 80,000 to distribute on the 11 stages of the 2019 APB world tour.

In the calendar of the Association of Professional Bodyboarding (APB) three of the 11 dates of the tour will be in Chile, and two of them Grand Slam (Antofagasta and Arica). This year the Iquique Open is added, so in 2019 will have Antofagasta, Arica and Iquique as venues for the World Bodyboard Tour.

The Grand Slam Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival 2019 will take place from 4 to 14 July 2019. It is the 7th version of the biggest sporting event in Chile in this international discipline, and the first Grand Slam, which means that the greatest athletes in the bodyboarding world will hit the city. This effectively means that everything could decided here in Chile, with the best 3 Grand Slams & single best QEST deciding the world title.

After several years it was possible to include the Drop Knee category, so the biggest party in world bodyboard will have 4 categories: Open Women, Open Men and Pro Junior and Drop Knee. – The ABF2019 will convene some 200 competitors from Australia, USA, France, Japan, South Africa, Morocco, Spain, Reunion Islands, Portugal, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Germany, and Chile, where we have some of the worlds best international competitors.

For the first time, the International Fair of Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Social Innovation -Feturis-, promoted by Corfo, will be held between July 11 and 14, within the framework of the ABF2019 World Cup, with international speakers, tour operators and business rounds.

This Grand Slam version will also attract the best exponents on the planet, including several Chileans, who will also share their experiences with the community through workshops, talks and other activities. It should be noted that the girls are pioneers in the world to have a female circuit of their own, and this is the second year that takes place the party of the Chilean women’s tour in different waves of Chile.

ABF is the first contest that has created a festival around the competition, integrating not only sports but also opened to the whole family, adding social and cultural activities, music, and integrating those who are doing things around the city.

Stand by for the biggest event of 2019, coming soon!

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