Anticipation is growing as we draw closer to the launch of the 2019 South American leg of the APB World Tour that features 3 Grand Slams and one QEST event.

The first event will be the Itacoatiara Pro (US$30,000 / 8000 points), in Niteroi Brazil and will be the first Grand Slam of the season attracting the world’s best to the heavy beach-break.

Last years champion was Iain Campbell (Sth Africa) who posted a perfect 10-point ride in the semi’s and went on to defeat fellow countryman Tristan Roberts in the final.

Itacoatiara is regarded as one of the heaviest beach-breaks in Brazil and never fails to deliver the perfect platform for high performance bodyboarding.

Entries for the event are online now and close this Friday so enter here now so you don’t lose your seeding.

From Brazil the tour will head South to Chile where Iquique will host their first ever APB World Tour event at Punto Dos.

The Iquique Pro will feature a Men’s 5 Star QEST event (US$30,000/5000 points), Women’s Bronze event(US$10,000 / 8000 points) and the Iquique Pro Junior worth US$10000

APB World Tour manager Teza Mckenna has been in Chile for the last month lining things up and was really impressed with the quality of the setups in Iquique.

This place is incredible with 21 waves in the metropolitan area alone, and all of them are suited to bodyboarding!”, said Teza.

After Iquique the tour heads North to Antofagasta for the 2019 ABBF which this year will carry the most points and prizemoney of all the Grand Slams (US$50,000 / 9000 points) as well as a Silver Women’s event (US$15,000 / 9000 points) JQS Pro Junior (US$1,000) and DKQ (US$5,000)

This event will also include a music festival, expo and lots of sideline action including a skate contest, so it is hands down the biggest & richest event on the 2019 APB Tour.

Finally, the tour will head to Arica for the last of the Grand Slams and El Gringo always delivers with last year’s final one of the most spectacular in the sports history.

The guys at Union Flopos have secured a Men’s Grand Slam (US$30,000 / 8000 points) for the Arica Bodyboard Cultura.

All events will be webcast with Manny V, Teza, Deon and all the same call team back to bring you all the action!

All enquiries contact APB World Tour manager Teza Mckenna or WhatsApp +61401023661

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