ITACOATIARA, BRAZIL (Tuesday, June 11, 2019): Itacoatiara Pro WGS Trials Completed in Clean Wedging Conditions

The trialists for the Itacoatiara Pro battled it out today in fun, wedging conditions. The shift in swell direction to the south west created more opportunities for the famous wedge, ‘Pampo’, to deliver waves that enabled a high level of performance from the riders in the water. APB Technical Director for the event Teza McKenna was very happy to have been able to finish the trials early in the event window:


We knew that the forecast wasn’t looking too great, but to wake up this morning and see such perfect conditions at Pampo really got everyone hopeful that the swell gods might just deliver.”


There was some great action in the water today from all the riders and we are all hopeful that we can get the Main Event started this Thursday or Friday in similar or even better conditions than we had today.


Davis Blackwell (Australia), or ‘Wingas’ as he is known to the bodyboarding community, was the only Australian who ventured over to Brazil for the trials. He was rewarded for his efforts, defeating Joaquin Viveros (Chile) with one of the higher heat score totals of the day’s competition of 13.25. Blackwell was happy with his performance, which even saw him completing a clean air reverse onto the shore – a move that seemed unlikely today given the swell size.


I feel like I went well. I was pretty nervous at the start because I was really keen to make the main event.


Coming all the way from Australia, I really didn’t want to bomb out in the trials. Now that I’m into the main event I’m really hoping to get a podium finish. That would be a dream.


Blackwell moves into the main event with the other ‘3 Amigos’ Lewy Finnegan (Australia) and George Humphries (Australia) who are certainly going to be riders to watch on the entire APB Tour this coming year.


The day’s competition wasn’t without upsets and very close calls.


Maxime Ausina (Basque Country) was able to narrowly defeat Matias Diaz (Chile) with 10.65 to Diaz’s 10.60 after finding enough projection on a flip going left. Gabriel Braga (Brazil) also narrowly defeated Miguel Rodriguez (Peru) with 12.45 to Rodriguez’s 12.3. An even closer call was the victory of Hermano Castro (Brazil) over Joao Paulo Rodrigues (Brazil) with 10.1 to Rodrigues’ 10.


The upset of the day and another very close call came when Adejaldo Silva (Brazil) narrowly defeated Kevin Orihuela (Canary Islands) in the highest scoring heat of the day. Silva finished with 14 points to Orihuela’s 13.5 seeing the Canarian super star eliminated much earlier than anyone would have anticipated. The fact that both riders managed to post the highest scores of the entire round may also make the loss sting even more for Orihuela.


More details on the statistics of each heat during the event can be viewed by downloading the Stact App at


Wednesday June 12th is expected to be a lay-day for the event with riders participated in the APB Social Project at Itacoatiara during the morning with the worlds best will be helping local kids enjoy their first taste of the sport.

The 8 successful trialists were

Cristobal Fernandez Easter Is
Adejaldo Silva Brazil
Davis Blackwell Australia
Gabriel Braga Brazil
Marcelo Barros Brazil
Maxime Ausina Basque
Sergio Machado Jr Brazil
Hermano Castro Brazil


Stay tuned for a potential start to the main event this Thursday.


The waiting period for the Itacoatiara Pro will finish on the 19th of June and is proudly sponsored by Secretaria Municipal de Esporte e Lazer and Neltur and Sponsored by SGA Toyota. Co-sponsored by Net, Noi Low Carb e Restaurante Saboreando and supported by Puro Suco, Way suplementos, Eco Ponte, Joama Construtora, Pastilha Valda, ACORP e Aquafish. Also Itacoatiara Inn, Pousada Dunas de Itaipú, Oceânica Rent a Car, BW serviços, Pampo Clube e Pousada Pedras Brancas. Media Partner: Canal OFF.


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