After three incredible back-to-back events the fourth and final instalment, and possibly the jewel in the crown of the South American, leg is about to get underway at El Gringo, in the city of Arica in the North of Chile.


Widely regarded as one of the most consistently perfect waves on the planet El Gringois about to be invaded by the world’s best bodyboarders for the third Grand Slam of 2019.


This is the 15th anniversary of the competition, so it has been a staple for generations of competitors and after last year’s historic final between PLCand Tanner McDanielits guaranteed to have the whole world watching!


This year the team at Union Flopos have added some new elements to the program including the MAKER PROworkshops with former world champion Amaury Laverne.


These workshops will be held at the purpose-built Surf Antay High performance centrelocated within the 5 Star Resort / Spa Hotel.


The event is also embracing and celebrating the rich history of the region with a Sharman coming to the opening ceremony at the Hotel Antayto bless the event with good surf.


The extreme north of Chile conceals a string of perfect reefs in the driest desert in the world, the Atacama.


Unlike the long points of the southern area, most northern breaks are super-heavy reef-breaks, breaking close to the shore on unforgiving reefs.


400km from Iquique and its North Shore-style concentration of reefs, Arica’s fame comes from the magical Alacrán Peninsula, circled by four potential spots with Gringo the star.


An oasis in the Atacama Desert, Arica has been inhabited since at least 6000BC, well before the lure of its golden sand dunes, miles of seashore, duty-free shopping and lively nightlife helped it transform into an increasingly popular seaside resort.


Australian legend Ryan Hardywill be making a comeback appearance and the wildcards are Amaury& Jeff Hubbardso this will be one of the most highly anticipated events of 2019.


Check in for riders is 3pm – 6pm tomorrow at the Hotel Antayfollowed by a Press conferenceand welcome celebration between 6-7pm.


Any riders checking in after 6pm will forfeit their seed and start in R1 of the trials.


All enquiries contact APB Tour Manager Teza Mckenna operations@apbtour.comor WhatsApp +61401023661

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