After a hectic early morning hit out in R3, the top 8 qualifiers were as follows


Sergio Machado JrBrazil

Diego Sepulveda   Chile

Maikol Pascal       Chile

Alan Espinoza       Chile

Moises Silva         Chile

Diego Cabrera      Canary Is

Aitor Ojeda          Canary Is

Gabriel Braga       Brazil




The Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival continued today in Chile with favorable swell and winds. Due to afternoon glare affecting the judges’ ability to accurately score rides, competition kicked off early as usual, with organizers choosing to run 3 rounds of Women’s competition in the clean conditions at 7:30 am this morning.


Early heats saw many of the top performing riders of the previous event in Iquique advance through to the non-elimination Round 3, including Suy-Yin Estay (CHILE), Valentina Diaz (CHILE) and Neymara Carvahlo (BRAZIL).


In Round 3, all of the top-seeded riders, namely Joana Schenker (PORTUGAL), Ayaka Suzuki (JAPAN), Sari Ohara (JAPAN) and Isabela Sousa (BRAZIL) managed to win their heats convincingly, with Schenker taking top honors with a heat score total of 13.35 for some cleaner rollos on the larger set waves.


Schenker (PORTUGAL) shed some light on her approach to the heat following her victory:


“My strategy was very simple today. I tried to choose the best waves of the heat, not wasting priority on the ones without potential. It worked out nicely.”


“This wave is tricky to read and also deceiving, so figuring out which are the best waves is the hardest part for me here in Antofagasta.”


All riders who finished in the top two positions in each non-elimination heat advanced through to Round 5, while those finishing 3rdand 4thwould surf again in Round 4, which is an elimination round.


One surprising result of Round 3 was to see the winner of the recent Bellavista Pro in Iquique Anais Velis (CHILE) unable to advance directly to Round 5. Velis finished 3rdin a heat that was won by reigning world champion Ayaka Suzuki (JAPAN), who had a very slow start to the heat but come home in devastating form. Nearing the final 10 minutes of the heat, Suzuki (JAPAN) was in 3rdposition after completing her first scoring ride of a clean rollo to earn herself a 4.75. With only 5 minutes remaining, Suzuki stroked casually into a clean set wave that provided her with the canvas she needed to show her true potential at La Cupola, launching two large rollos and finishing with a clean spin to be awarded an 8.5 – the single highest score of the day.


The other standout moment during the Women’s competition today came when 4-time world champion Isabela Sousa (BRAZIL) launched a clean ARS at La Cupola, earning her a 7.5. This score built upon her earlier 5.25 and saw her take out the heat ahead of fellow Brazilian and multiple world champion Neymara Carvahlo (BRAZIL).




When the APB Tour comes to Chile there is never a doubt that waves will be plentiful and the performances from riders the best you might see all year. What isn’t always guaranteed is the weather, with grey, fog filled days often dominating the days. This has certainly not been the case in Antofagasta this year, with the sun shining all day and the winds staying calm and pleasant. It has really made the event a special one so far. Add the weather and waves to the exceptional set-up on the shore of La Cupola and what you have is the makings of a great event on tour.


Terry McKenna, APB Technical Director:


“I always love coming to Chile, the country is amazing, the people are wonderful, and the waves always deliver. I gotta say, so far, the conditions here in Antofagasta have been exceptional and it really shows just how beautiful the place can be. Let’s hope it sticks around for the rest of the waiting period.”




It looks like the Pro Men’s Sessions Rounds will start early tomorrow morning in Antofagasta so make sure you set your alarm clocks wherever on earth you are. First heat in the water will see 2017 World Champion Iain Campbell (SOUTH AFRICA) take on Australians George Humphreys and Joshua B. Kirkman and Chilean trialist Moises Silva.


All the ups and downs of the Leaderboard can be enjoyed by downloading the STACT APP. Tune into APB social media channels for updates on the live streaming of the event.

ALL DIVISIONS to check in tomorrow morning 7.15am for a potential 7.30am start



Las principales riders del planeta iniciaron la carrera para alcanzar el título de Grand Slam del Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival.

Una jornada llena de emociones y adrenalina se vivió en la segunda jornada del Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival, en Playa Llacolén. Esto, porque las olas y el clima acompañaron a las mujeres que iniciaron la carrera por obtener el primer lugar de esta tradicional competencia, que este año estrena su categoría de Grand Slam.

A las 7:30 am, los primeros deportistas entraron al agua a cerrar el cuadro de la categoría “Varones Open Pro”, donde avanzaron 8 riders, entre ellos los chilenos Diego Sepúlveda, Maikol Pascal, Moisés Silva y Alan Espinoza, quienes se suman al top 24, quedando 32 en el evento oficial. De ahí en adelante, el imponente escenario que acoge a la ola “La Cúpula”, fue exclusivamente de las mujeres, que de inmediato demostraron toda su destreza en el océano.

Son varias las figuras de clase mundial que están presentes en esta versión del ABF, destacando por ejemplo Alexandra Rinder, de Islas Canarias, Isabella De Sousa, de Brasil y Joana Shenker de Portugal, quien alcanzó el score más alto de la jornada con un 13,35 puntos.

Por su parte, la actual campeona del Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival y actual número uno del circuito mundial, la japonesa Ayaka Susuki, también demostró todo su poderío liderando su ronda y accediendo sin problemas al siguiente cuadro. “Estoy muy emocionada de volver a competir en Antofagasta, porque las condiciones de las olas son muy buenas y me siento cómoda corriendo en estas condiciones. Espero seguir avanzando para repetir los resultados del año pasado”. Comentó la nipona, luego de su participación.

Mañana sábado, las sorpresas continúan desde muy temprano, ya que los competidores están citados por la organización mundial a las 7:30 am. Arturo Soto, director del ABF, hizo un llamado a toda la comunidad para que visiten playa Llacolén este fin de semana. “Queremos que la familia y los amantes del deporte disfruten de este evento internacional que está lleno de sorpresas. Junto al equipo de Budeo, hemos preparado todo para que la comunidad antofagastina y los turistas que vistan la zona, se sientan cómodo y disfruten de un gran espectáculo”.

Photos: Pablo Jimenez & Jonathan Zierath


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