A morning of triumphs and upsets at the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival today. The large swell that was predicted to arrive mid-afternoon yesterday well and truly showed up today. Long period corduroy lines undulating off to the distant horizon in the 3 – 4 metre range greeted officials and competitors alike this morning and it was a sight to behold.


The day’s competition kicked off with the Eliminator Round of competition, where the riders who finished 9thto 20thin the Sessions Rounds would battle it out in 3 person heats for a place in the final 16. This round saw Matias Diaz (CHILE) and Lewy Finnegan (AUSTRALIA) narrowly defeat Sergio Machado Jr (BRAZIL) for a place in the top 16, while 2018 World Champion Jared Houston (SOUTH AFRICA) and Canary Island’s star performer Diego Cabrera easily dispatch of Gabriel Braga (BRAZIL). Uri Valadao (BFRAZIL) found form in Heat 3 and progressed with fellow Brazilian Socrates Santana (BRAZIL) ahead of Chile’s Diego Sepulveda. While the biggest upset of the competition so far happened in Heat 4.




2017 World Champion Iain Campbell (SOUTH AFRICA) has been one of the most consistent bodyboarders of the past 3 years on the APB Tour. Regularly on the podium at the events or winning them outright, Campbell has been the consummate professional and a combatant best avoided in competition.


This year, he has not been able to find this consistency, not yet finding his way to the podium where we are used to seeing him. After an explosive Sessions Round, Campbell was unable to make it into the top 8 despite some exceptional riding, launching clean backflips out of the end bowl and combining some good scores along the way.


Coming into his Eliminator heat with Dudu Pedra (BRAZIL) and Isaias Ravyc (BRAZIL) and given the size of the swell, expectations were that Campbell would shine bright. But, in what was a narrowly lost heat, Ravyc and Pedra were able to do the impossible and overcome the world champion with the younger Brazilian Ravyc able to hold onto a huge rollo on the outside section at La Cupola to take the lead. Sitting in 3rdposition and with only seconds remaining Campbell did have a last roll of the dice for a score but the oncoming section crumbled before he could connect and launch what could have been a huge air reverse.


We are sure that Campbell will be as dangerous as ever come Arica in a week. Being a previous champion of that event certainly sees him as one of the favorites.





Uri Valadao (BRAZIL) surfed incredibly well in many heats during the Bellavista Pro in Iquique but was not able to get the results to match, mostly due to an in-form Diego Cabrera (CANARY ISLANDS) stealing glory in the final moments. In Antofagasta, the previous event winner (and podium regular) has been in strong form.


After winning his Eliminator round heat in the morning, Valadao (BRAZIL) had what on paper looked like a tough match up against the winner of the Bellavista Pro Alan Munoz (CHILE). But within only minutes of the heat start Valadao was devastating in his approach, launching a huge invert on his first wave and handling the landing to post a 9.5. Munoz (CHILE) did manage to make a clean rollo on the outside section following Valadao’s invert to earn himself 6.5 and a chance to get back into the heat, but Valadao was able to find another clean section and launch another huge invert but on a smaller wave to post a 7.5.


With that, the heat was thoroughly dominated by the Brazilian world champion of 2008 and he is looking like a real contender for the title in Antofagasta.





No one has ever doubted Diego Cabrera’s (CANARY ISLANDS) ability to deliver a performance worthy of the history books. He is a rider who often rides in the grey area between fearless and reckless. Bodyboarding in this grey zone makes for entertaining viewing, but it has also come at a cost for Cabrera, who has seen his fair share of hospital ceilings in Chile thanks to a head injury a few years back. His Round 2 match-up with current ratings leader Tristan Roberts (SOUTH AFRICA) was highly anticipated, with all knowing that this would be a dynamite heat either which way the result fell. Neither rider failed to deliver.

The match-up between the two riders had a slow start until Cabrera launched a solid ARS on the end bowl to earn himself 7-points and the lead. Roberts was fired up by this score and sought to respond in kind, launching what could have been the largest backflip in competition if he had not been swallowed by the La Cupola foam. Not a few minutes later, Cabrera decided to take the heat to another level, launching a similar sized backflip to that attempted by Roberts, but landing cleanly and riding out into the channel. This score gave him an 8.25 and put Roberts in a combination situation.

Roberts continued to try and find the opportunities and towards end of the heat, he was able to post a scoring ride for a smaller backflip. With the clock counting down, Roberts was out of combination and needing a near perfect 10 to take back the lead. Roberts won a paddle battle with Cabrera to gain priority again, and found a 7.25 to close the gap further, but in the final minute Cabrera sealed victory with another large backflip to earn himself a 9-point ride and a combined heat score total of 17.25.

Diego Cabrera following his victory had this to say:

“Before the heat I was thinking back to Iquique when Tristan beat me quite convincingly, with 8 or 9 points. He destroyed me. With this heat, I didn’t want to repeat the same, and with it being a left I was feeling a bit more comfortable. He has been training on the lefts and I knew that he was still going to be dangerous.”

“I went into the water with this in mind and knew that it would be hard, and I knew that I would have to go big and risk it all to win this heat. It was a battle from the start for priority and I wanted to show him that I would be aggressive in this heat. He did recover from this and fought back, but I was really happy to finish with that 9-point ride at the end to put him back into combination situation. It was a really good heat.”




Competition will resume tomorrow in Antofagasta with only two days left in the waiting period. Tune in to the APB social media channels for all updates.


Chilenos siguen en carrera por el título del Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival

Con condiciones favorables para los atletas y el espectáculo, se desarrolló el octavo día del Grand Slam Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival. En cuanto a la competencia en la categoría Open Pro, los nacionales; Yoshua Toledo, Matías Díaz  y Nelson Flores siguen en carrera por título del certamen.

Desde muy temprano en la mañana, comenzaron las llaves del repechaje clasificatorio en la categoría Open Pro, para los octavos de final. Fase donde los mejores riders del mundo fueron acompañados por olas de tres metros y deleitaron a todos los asistentes que llegaron a disfrutar de este show deportivo en la playa Llacolén.

Una vez realizado todas las rondas correspondiente al repechaje, se dio el vamos a las cuatro primeras de hombre a hombre, donde el carioca Uri Valadao superó al atleta nacional, y uno de los favoritos, Alan Muñoz.

En otra serie, el iquiqueño Yoshua Toledo venció con excelentes maniobras al joven brasileño, Sócrates Santana. Victoria que lo instaló en los cuartos de final.

Mientras que otra ronda, el bicampeón mundial Pierre Louis Costes, ganó su serie al brasileño Isaias Ravyk. Y la sorpresa de la jornada fue el triunfo del deportista proveniente de Islas Canarias, Diego Cabrera, quien venció al sudafricano Tristan Roberts, actual monarca del ABFChile.

Los chilenos, Nelson flores y Matías Díaz, mañana desde muy temprano verán acción para acceder a los cuartos de final. Flores se medirá en la etapa de hombre a hombre con el australiano George Humpherys y Díaz con la revelación del torneo, el hawaiano Sammy Morretino.


La Feria Internacional de Emprendimiento, Turismo e Innovación Social (FETURIS), estuvo marcada por el inicio de talleres didácticos para el fortalecimiento del ecosistema emprendedor de la Región de Antofagasta, ejecutados en conjunto por el equipo de Budeo Tour y Socialab. Con actividades de “Brianstorming” y “Speed Dating”, los emprendedores y tour operadores internacionales, pudieron conocerse y aportar ideas para solucionar problemáticas regionales.


El director de contenidos de FETURIS, Claudio Alquinta, comentó que este tipo de experiencia tienen por objetivo crear vínculos de apoyo al entorno de la innovación. “Tenemos una parrilla programática que apunta a diferentes públicos el objetivo de trabajar con emprendedores, tour operadores y escolares. La idea es buscar soluciones en conjunto a las problemáticas a través de la participación colectiva”.

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