The final day of competition at Arica saw the swell clean up and perfect 3 to 4 feet conditions greet riders and officials at El Flopos. The stage was set for some highly anticipated match ups, with some of these heats delivering exactly what was expected, and more.

Pierre Louis Costes (FRANCE) was the eventual winner and was victorious in fine form, but this didn’t mean there weren’t some truly memorable performances from other riders throughout the day.


Quarter Final 1 saw Uri Valadao (BRAZIL) and Alan Munoz (CHILE) match up for their second consecutive man-on-man heat. In Antofagasta, Valadao was in devastating form, launching huge inverts at La Cupola to send Munoz packing with very little response. Today at Arica, Chile’s greatest hope for a world title this year struck back.

In what was a narrow victory for Munoz, the approach he took was straight out of the Valadao play book at Antofagasta, securing a 7.5 in the final 5 minutes of the heat for a large invert that was reminiscent of his last second heroic launch during the Arica Cultura Pro 2017 that went viral. Valadao did find some opportunities throughout the heat, but often his wave selection let him down or he failed to complete his maneuvers.

Munoz’s eventual result launched him to number 4 on the world rankings and already holding a QEST win, this result certainly sees him in the title race moving into the Kiama Pro in late August.



The hype around the McDaniel/Roberts Quarter Finals was significant, but the eventual outcome didn’t quite match expectations, with McDaniel (HAWAII) taking control of the heat from the beginning and leaving Roberts (SOUTH AFRICA) needing an 8.76 in the dying moments (and nearly grabbing it with a large backflip on the righthander at El Flopos). This effort wasn’t quite enough, but Roberts still holds 2ndplace on the rankings after this event.

The Quarter Final match up between Amaury Lavernhe (REUNION ISLAND) and Pierre Louis Costes (FRANCE) was a different story altogether, with both riders throwing everything they had at El FLopos for the ultimate victory.

PLC kicked things off with a devastating opening blow against Lavernhe, launching a huge, full rotation air forward out of the bowl at El Flopos to earn himself 9 points. Lavernhe responded directly with a long barrel ride for a 7.25 to bring himself back into the heat and then backed this score up at the halfway mark of the heat with an 8-point ride for a perfect combination of a spin in the pocket followed by a nice tube and carve before launching an ARS to finish. This score was strong but it wasn’t enough for Lavernhe to take back the lead, still needing a 7.76 to put any pressure on PLC.

This was a totally achievable score, but PLC increased the margin in the last 8 minutes with yet another huge forward air on the left at El Flopos, seeing him awarded an 8.5 and leaving Lavernhe needing a 9.51 to take the lead. In the end, the multiple world champion and wildcard for this event was not able to find the score and PLC moved on to his eventual glory at El Flopos.

It was really great to see Amaury Lavernhe in competition again and the APB looks forward to having him back on tour more frequently soon.


There was definitely a sense of déjà vu felt by the spectators at El Flopos in the early minutes of the final between Tanner McDaniel (HAWAII) and Pierre Louis Costes (FRANCE) when McDaniel sped across the face at El Flopos and launched a perfect air reverse that saw him rewarded with 9.5 points out of 10. The air reverse was larger than that which was performed last year (relative to wave size) and executed on the dangerously show end section at El Flopos.

PLC had already launched an incomplete invert earlier in the heat before McDaniel’s air reverse before he responded with a large air forward that saw him travel quite far along the reef at El Flopos and saw him awarded an 8.5. Not too long later, PLC launched another huge air forward that was executed on a more vertical trajectory to take his heat score total to 17, leaving McDaniel needing a 7.51 to take back the lead.

McDaniel did launch another air reverse that took a lot more wrangling to navigate down from the lip and smoothly into the flats, but it was not enough. McDaniel launched a large backflip near the 25-minute mark of the heat to improve his score but fell desperately short by 0.25. The remainder of the heat was PLC’s to hold onto and that is exactly what happened.

The final today saw both riders play to their individual strengths – PLC has his air forwards going left so dialed-in that he makes one of the most difficult moves to perform on a bodyboard disturbingly easy, while McDaniel showed once again that he is one of the most technically sound riders with his huge air reverses and perfect flips. It was a classic final and both riders certainly delivered their best.


This marks the end of a very successful South American leg of the APB Tour. Action will pick up in late August with the Kiama Pro and then the Sintra Pro, before wrapping up with the Fronton King in the Canary Islands in October. A huge thank you to all involved in this leg of the tour – the promoters, riders, officials and fans. The sport is rising in Chile and the waves delivered and performances put on display only proved that there is much more growth to be had here in the future.


Francés Piere Luis Costes se coronó campeón del Arica Bodyboard Culture.

Este sábado 27 de julio desde las 07:30 de la mañana, en la Isla El Alacrán ola El Gringo – Flopos, se realizará el torneo Maker Pro para menores de 17 años que desde el pasado sábado han estado recibiendo un coaching o entrenamiento profesional de parte de campeones mundiales de bodyboard, emprendedores sociales y salvavidas rescatistas.

Este viernes la primera semifinal comenzó en la Isla Alacrán con una ovación ya que entraba al agua el único chileno en competencia, de El Tabo, Alan Muñoz, quien se enfrentó al joven hawaiano Tanner McDaniel. Muñoz ya se había quedado con el primer heat de cuartos de final disputado a las 8 de la mañana, partida aplazada en una hora, tras dos días de suspensión por malas condiciones en la ola, y mucho viento, cosa rara en El Gringo Flopos ya que es una ola consistente que funciona 360 días al año.

En el cuarto heat Pierre Louis Costes venció al dos veces campeón mundial Amaury Lavernhe, ambos franceses, Pierre realizó un aéreo 360° luego de que la señal streaming mostraba al chileno Muñoz precalentado sobre las rocas para ingresar a la semifinal. Tanner venció al tabino Muñoz y pasó a la final siendo casi las once de esta mañana, Tanner dijo sentirse muy tranquilo y emocionado a la vez al tiempo que Pierre Louis Costes y Jared Houston de Sudáfrica disputaban al segundo finalista. En la otra semifinal Pierre Louis Costes con un score de 15 puntos ganó a Jared Houston que logró solo 12,5 puntos.

En el break de 10 minutos antes de la final los niños se divirtieron en los juegos infantiles instalados por el Club Unión Flopos, los deportistas aprovechaban los masajes en la zona de quinesiología y los adultos devoraban las deliciosas empanadas del famoso Eddy, bodyboarder del Club Flopos. La perfecta puesta en escena fue responsabilidad de la productora local Zoul quienes con un gran equipo se hicieron cargo desde los desayunos para los riders, equipos de jueces y streaming, hasta el sonido y las pantallas gigantes.

La final, con un oleaje promedio casi llegando a los dos metros de altura en la ola El Gringo Flopos era liderada por el francés en medio del heat final men to men, cerca de 300 personas llegaron a la isla El Alacrán para la final vencida estrechamente por Pierre Louis Costes, con 17 puntos sobre Tanner McDaniel con 16,75 puntos. “Me tomé esto como una revancha ya que el año pasado estuve cerca de ganar el campeonato y ni más ni menos ahora contra Tanner que para mí es el mejor del mundo”. Dijo el campeón del Arica Bodyboard Culture 2019 Pierre Louis Costes.



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