The swell returned to La Cupola this morning and organizers were quick to get the Sessions Round 1 underway in clean conditions and a building swell. 2 – 3 metre waves were offering clean walls and ramps for the world’s best riders to put on a show and try and book either a place in the top 8 that would advance directly to Round 2 or place in the top 20 to ensure a second chance to progress to Round 2 through the Eliminator Round.


Much happened during the day, with the swell ultimately failing to build as large as forecast in the afternoon and instead seeing the onshore winds picking much more than anticipated. The judges certainly rose to the challenge posed by the deteriorating conditions to maintain the scale and judge all 16 heats surfed today. While the conditions changed, there was always consistency of opportunity throughout the day and it was up to the riders to make the most of their opportunities.



Sammy Morretino (HAWAII), Nelson Flores (CHILE) and George Humphreys (AUSTRALIA) were the top three finishers on the leaderboard today and the clear standouts.


George Humphreys (AUSTRALIA) finished 3rdon the leaderboard after a slow start, interrupted by some brilliance, in Round 1 Heat 1 against Iain Campbell (SOUTH AFRICA), Joshua B. Kirkman (AUSTRALIA) and Moises Silva (CHILE).


“Being first heat in the morning was tough. It was still pretty dark and a little bit difficult to see the waves to be honest. It was really glassy, so making out the waves was tough. I managed to get one solid score in my first Session. I waited 13 minutes for it, but I guess it was all worth it.”


Humphreys’ (AUSTRALIA) long wait in the first heat of the day was rewarded when a clean set wave lined up along the entirety of the reef and gave him the sections to perform a strong rollo on the first section at the top of the reef and then finish the ride with a large backflip off the end section earning him his highest score of the day, a 7.25.


Humphreys (AUSTRALIA) paddled out for his second Sessions heat sitting in a relatively comfortable position on the leaderboard, but certainly not in complete safety. He needed to find two more scoring waves to secure a top 8 finish and he certainly made the most of the opportunities that came his way in Round 2. He earned 7 points for a flip on the outside section that was backed up by a rollo on the end bowl and even a cutback reverse to seal the deal. His final score was a clean backflip off the end bowl, backed up by a clean forward spin.


Humphreys’ strategy in the end was a simple one:


“I knew I needed two more scores, so I was just trying to keep busier and not wait too long for just one good ride like the morning. It paid off I guess.”


Nelson Flores (CHILE) finished second on the leaderboard after a very slow start in Round 1 Sessions, posting one 6-point ride and a 1-point ride for a total of 7. These two scores saw him very far back on the leaderboard coming into Round 2, so a big performance would be necessary to see him advance – the Pro Junior World Champion 2017 delivered exactly the performance he needed.


Flores’ approach to his heats today provides some insight into his mindset, which is quite advanced for a rider his age:


“In the morning I got up just thinking about positive things. Thinking that it would be a great day and that the waves would be epic. The nerves are always there, but I think I can control them, with a moment of meditation before my heat.”


“My strategy for the second session, was risky, I knew that from the first moment I had to make strong and aggressive maneuvers.”


And aggression he certainly brought to the water, on his highest scoring ride of the heat (and the entire event so far) seeing him draw out a long bottom turn before punching a strong rollo through the lip on the mid-section of the reef and backing it up quickly with a critical backflip that clearly shone brighter than anything else performed today.


Leaderboard winner Sammy Morretino (HAWAII) was again in devastating form today at La Cupola, securing all of his points for both Sessions rounds in his first heat. The highlight of his performance was certainly the almost orbital invert that he launched over the shallow La Cupola end section that saw his whole body leave the water. It didn’t take much for the judges to reach for the excellent scores. Morretino was awarded 8 points for this invert, which was backed up by another two solid scores leaving him with a heat score total of 21.25.


Morretino (HAWAII) has been in form for the whole South American leg of the tour so far, and he is looking like the results are not putting any pressure on him at all.


“I didn’t really have any nerves coming into the event. I got that one invert in the first round that felt good and had some good back up scores.”


“I went into the second session in a good position, so I didn’t really have a strategy and just surfed. I’ve been trying not to overthink things too much and just taking each heat step by step.”


With tricky conditions predicted for the next two days, it will be interesting to see if Morretino can keep up this good form.



World tour ratings leader Tristan Roberts (SOUTH AFRICA) did manage to win his Round 1 heat of the Sessions but was not holding enough strong scores to keep him in the top half of the draw for the remainder of the round. Surfing in the last heat of the day, Roberts started his second Sessions heat in 19thposition on the leaderboard and dangerously close to being eliminated from competition. Having already 1 solid score to rely on, Roberts needed two scores to get back to the top.


In rapidly deteriorating condition, it didn’t take long for Roberts to find what he needed, within 10 minutes he earned a 6.5 for a large backflip on the end bowl. This flip was later backed up with another on a smaller wave but was enough to elevate Roberts all the way into the top 8 and an automatic place in Round 2.



Organizers are expecting tomorrow to see the Eliminator Round surfed in the morning, followed by possibly the start of Round 2. Stay tuned to APB social media for updates.


Con olas grandes y la inauguración de la FETURIS, el Campeonato Mundial de Bodyboard retoma la competencia


Después de tres días con poco oleaje, donde los riders aprovecharon de descansar y conocer la ciudad y sus alrededores a través del programa de la FETURIS, impulsado por Budeo Tour. Hoy retomamos la competencia, y los mejores del mundo en la categoría Open Pro, volvieron a encontrarse con la ola Cúpula de Poder, que apareció nuevamente en gloria y majestad, alcanzando hasta 3 metros de altura y proyectándose con mucho más tamaño para los días venideros y finales de este Grand Slam, catalogado como el más importante del año en el circuito mundial.


En esta primera sesión del Grand Slam  se desarrollaron dos rondas de no eliminación, ya que se evaluó las tres mejores olas de los riders, medición que definió una base de ocho atletas para los octavos de final, donde se encuentran tres chilenos; Nelson Flores (El Tabo), Alan Muñoz (El Tabo), Yoshua Toledo (Iquique).


Quienes no dieron con la puntuación para los octavos de final, tienen la opción de repechaje. El cual se disputará (hoy) desde las 7:30 horas. En las series de eliminación para acceder a los octavos de final, se encuentran los experimentados, Jared Houston, Iain Cambell, Dudu Pedra, Uri Valadao, entre otros. También los nacionales Matías Díaz y Diego Sepúlveda.


Para mañana habrán condiciones de oleaje de mayor tamaño, por lo que se espera un tremendo espectáculo, jamás visto en la historia de este torneo.




Una de las grandes actividades que se están realizando de forma paralela al Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival (ABF) 2019, es la Feria Internacional de Emprendimiento, Turismo e Innovación Social (FETURIS), un proyecto cofinanciado por Corfo, a través de su Comité de Desarrollo Productivo Regional, y ejecutado por Budeo Tour.


Esta iniciativa, tiene por objetivo dinamizar y fortalecer el ecosistema emprendedor de la Región de Antofagasta, mediante diversas actividades como networking, exposiciones y charlas, entre otras, las cuales estimulen la socialización entre diversos emprendimientos ligados al turismo, gastronomía e innovación social, presentes en la región. Para ello se implementará una metodología piloto, que segmenta a emprendedores, estudiantes y al público en general.


Al respecto, Glenn Cuevas, director de FETURIS, comentó que “contamos con la ayuda de profesionales de SocialLab, quienes desarrollaran mesas de trabajo y networking enfocados en mejorar las capacidades emprendedoras de los actores del rubro turístico. Todo esto, con objetivo de contribuir a posicionar a Antofagasta como un polo de desarrollo turístico que potencie principalmente las zonas del borde costero de la región”.


Dentro de los trabajos colaborativos programado en la feria, destaca el intercambio de experiencias entre emprendedores turísticos de Chile y Brasil, con el objetivo de mostrar los atractivos de la Región de Antofagasta y posicionar esta zona dentro del circuito turístico internacional.


FETURIS estará abierto a todo público hasta el domingo 14, en playa Llacolén al costado sur del escenario del Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival.

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