Nicolas Caponyof Réunion Island, has beaten Galician rider Bruno Martinby 2.24 in the final of the APB World Junior Championships that ended today in waves hovering around the 2mtyr mark at Arda beach, in Viana do Castelo.


The big surprise of the day came in the first semi-final when Nicolas defeated current World junior champ Armide Soliveres (Canary Island) to secure a spot in the final.


According to the 2019 World Champion, the conditions were excellent every day and so was the organization.


“I am very happy! It was a dream come true. A great gift at a fantastic event in my last year as a junior, ”said Nicolas.


Galician Bruno Martinalso dominated his semi-final with a total score of 13.17 over in-form Peruvian Cristopher Bayona Angulo(8.84), was also runner-up in his junior year.


“I am very happy with this result, which I did not expect, but materialized throughout the competition. I trained a lot for today’s conditions and those of the previous days, so I was always comfortable,” says Bruno.


Both Nicolas Capony and Bruno Martin starred throughout the competition with very consistent performances.


Canary Armide Soliveres and Peruvian Cristopher Bayona Angulo finished equal third.


“I trusted my patience. I waiting for another good wave after posting an 8.50, but I couldn’t find a back-up,” said Armide, who also admits “ the level was very high ”.


Cristopher Bayona Angulo made history not only for his result but also for being the first time Perú participated in the World Cup.


” I’ve been training for years and wanted to be world champion. But the level was too high. I also learned a lot from my opponents. This is my first participation and the first time I leave Peru. For next year, I will work twice as much,” said Cristopher.


Today’s four finalists were strong contenders for the title.


Teza McKenna, World Tour Manager of the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB), said that “waiting until today to finish the competition turned out to be a brilliant move, as the waves were around 2 meters with offshore winds, allowing competitors to perform at high levels.”


Adding “this championship, the first stand-alone World Junior, was a great success as it brought the best bodyboarders from the four corners of the globe. It’s clear that the sport is in excellent hands ”.


Viana’s CAR Surf served as a support structure for the Viana World Bodyboard Championship. Among the various competitors who were there and hosted and trained, the main ones were Nicolas Capony and Cristopher Bayona.


For João Zamith, SCV’s chairman, “due to the level of athletes and CAR Surf, Viana do Castelo is increasingly projected worldwide”, adding “organizing world-class events of this size and with this result is only possible with the support and involvement of the entire SCV team.”


In a year of commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the club, at the awards ceremony, there was also a tribute to the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ) for the support it has given to the institution.


“Viana’s CAR Surf is an added value because, in addition to providing a high-quality response in terms of high performance, it gives a remarkable response in terms of sports development, as it acts as an anchor for nautical activities, especially surfing”, explains Vitor Pataco, president of the IPDJ.


Vitor Lemos, vice-mayor of Viana do Castelo City Council, also argues that “SCV is doing an excellent job” and, addressing the competitors who climbed the podium today, asked them to take the trophies and also the Viana do Castelo, as a reference, for their countries.


The Viana World Bodyboard Championship is organized by SCV, in partnership with APB and the Viana do Castelo City Council.


It also has the support of IPDJ, the Sports Foundation, the Portuguese Surfing Federation, the Portuguese Navy, the World Surf Cities Network, Axis Hostels, Delta Cafés, Silampos, Amorim Isolamentos, Science, Cunha Bastos , Viana Segura, Cabo d’Mar, IPVC Higher School of Sport and Leisure, Vava, Fernando Pessoa Hospital, Aurora Da Lima, Meo Beachcam and the European Solidarity Corps.

Next stop if the 2019 Gran Canaria Fronton KING that starts October 12th

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