With just one event remaining, the APB world title picture is becoming quite clear. While the race is still going, the contenders have separated from the pack and the pressure is on those with real title hopes to make the most of the last opportunity they have left in Gran Canaria.

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Out in front of the ratings is former world champion Pierre Louis Costes (France) who has a marginal lead over Sammy Morretino (Hawaii) with South African Tristan Roberts in third.

These are the main contenders for the 2019 title.

PLC has the experience to capture another title and his relationship with Fronton has been well documented so he will be the warm favourite going into Gáldar.

Standing in his way is a 23 year old from Kaui called Sammy Morretino, who has rattled cages all year with solid performances.

Sammy is a naturally talented rider with nothing to lose after securing his third APB DK Title in Sintra and he’s undoubtedly been the alpha-male on the 2019 Men’s Tour.

And finally we have Tristan Roberts who looked unbeatable in the early stages of this year’s tour before losing momentum midway through the South American leg. Tristan will need both PLC & Sammy to fall early and then go on to win the event to take the title.

For Sammy & Pierre the equation is simple, with whoever finishes higher deciding the outcome.

Morretino has been in Nazaré relaxing and getting into form during the three week break and was even spotted ripping on a surfboard.

“ I like to surf at home too, it keeps me fresh and amped on the boogie” said Sammy.

Tristan has been seen in Nazaré & Peniche warming up whilst PLC has been on the road promoting his movie Tender around europe, and getting in plenty of water time.

In the Womens race its come down to two Japanese riders with whoever finishes higher deciding the outcome Sari Ohhara & defending champ Ayaka Suzuki.

Similar to Sammy & Pierre, with whoever finishes higher decides the outcome!

So who will be standing tall at the end?

Stayed tuned for an exciting end to this year’s tour!


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    OMG so excited
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  • Alex de Araújo

    and the girls too

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