The Independent Bodyboards team returns forcefully with the Association of Professional Bodyboarding (APB) to organize a valid world tour date for the highest entity responsible of this sport. The Lurín Pro Hurin Ichsma 2020 ’Floril Cup’, will distribute ten thousand dollars in cash prizes and thanks to the support of the District Municipality will be play on January 17, 18 and 19 at Arica Beach.


For this purpose, in the next few days a press conference will be held in the epicenter district of the event, in which the municipal authorities, as well as the organizers and sponsors of this World Cup will explain to the media this important return of Bodyboarding to the scene. “We are looking for a comprehensive development not only for sports but especially for tourism,” said José Luis Ugarte from Independent Bodyboards.


“It will be a stop of the 2020 World Championship. We are working to close a multi-year agreement. We have put together a solid work team and we are aiming at structural growth, that is, have the sport together with tourism in the district of Lurín. Its mayor Juan Marticorena has it clear. We have your support and we expect a significant advance. We have even been creating among the children and young people the important seedbed for the future human exchange,” he added.


Our country, thanks to its excellent waves and enviable Culture and climates is a great point across the globe. It also has a formar world champion: César Bauer. Miguel Rodríguez had abronze medal at the ISA Surfing Games 2015 and was recognized by the Peruvian Sports Institute with the Laureles Deportivos. He will be a favorite for being local and for his knowledge of the conditions of our southern beach Arica. Dozens of competitors from nearby countries are expected.


The press conference will be held in Lurín on Thursday 12 at noon. For the appointment, journalists will have the respective transfer. The burgomaster Marticorena will take advantage of the proximity of the Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties to celebrate  together with the media guests.


Hans-Peter Firbas


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