The APB is the sole governing body of the World Bodyboarding Tour. The APB also represents the athletes, officials & event promoters. Our paramount goal is to showcase the sport of elite Bodyboarding to a vast growing audience of spectators, supporters and fans around the world and also develop the sport from the grassroots level right through to the elite top 24  Men & Top 16 Women professional Bodyboarders of the world. since 2014, the APB will endeavour to conquer new territories around the world and leave a positive footprint for Bodyboarding in these regions. Bodyboarding is expanding throughout the world and leaving impressions on the public as one of the most exciting actions sports to watch. Bodyboarding is a form of wave riding that will bring stoke, adrenalin and fun to any person. Are you the next APB WORLD BODYBOARDING CHAMPION? Jump In!!!



The Association of Professional Bodyboarding (APB) is the sole governing body of professional Bodyboarding. Crowning Bodyboarding’s undisputed world champions, the APB sanctions the following tours: the APB Men’s World Tour (APB MWT), the APB Women’s World Tour (APB WWT), the APB Dropknee and Pro Junior World Championships.

The APB is dedicated to showcasing the world’s elite Bodyboarders in the world’s best waves with the International organization supported globally by seven regions – South Africa, North America, Australasia, Europe, Hawaii, Japan and South America.

The APB serves to celebrate and grow the history, elite athletes, diverse fans and dedicated partners that together embody professional Bodyboarding today.



Alex Leon

Chief Executive Officer


Tom Wilson

Business Development Manager


Terry McKenna

Tour Operations Manager


Craig Hadden

Technical Director


Chico Garritano

Head Judge


Andrew Bleakley

Web and IT

The APB Board Members are a diverse collaboration of athletes, judges, event promoters and technical staff and they are:

Chief Executive Officer – Alex Leon

Business Development Manager – Tom Wilson

Global Media Director – Danilo Caboclo

Technical & Judging Director – Craig Hadden

Tour Operations Manager – Terry Mckenna

Tour Head Judge – Chico Garritano

European Representative – Diogo Marques

Global Head Judge – Chico Garritano

Elite Coaching Ambassadors – Ryan Hardy / Lilly Pollard

DK & USA Athlete Representative – Jeff Hubbard

Latin America Athlete Representative – Eder Luciano

Hawaii Athlete Representative – Mike Stewart

South Africa Athlete Representatives – Jared Houston / Iain Campbell

Australasia Athlete Representatives – Ben Player / Ryan Hardy

APB Social Projects Ambassador – Arturo Soto

I.T. & Content Manager – Andrew Bleakley

Senior Photographer – Josh Tabone




Professional Bodyboarding was birthed in Hawaii at the infamous Pipeline in 1982. Since then, as major extreme sports evolved, Bodyboarding has grown globally in the recent years with numbers of participants exceeding the tens of millions across the globe. Athlete attendance is on the rise due to the media reach from international competitions and social media platforms.

In the 80’s and 90’s, Australia, Hawaii, Brazil and Sth Africa were the major regions involved with the world tour. Moving forward into the turn of the century we now see a diverse range of athletes deriving from Morocco, Chile, the Caribbean, Europe, Japan and central America.

The sport of Bodyboarding is expanding at a rapid pace and the future prospects look very promising. The sport of Bodyboarding is not only for the elite athlete but also offers a healthy lifestyle for all ages.

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