Cultural Awareness

Racism and religious views are an everyday subject in the world we live in and unfortunately we cannot control it. We need to respect the different religions and races that make up our cultures [...]

Recycling Project

Awareness about the beach environment is ultimately one of the most important agenda’s throughout the world. If we want to make change we need to start now. If we want our next generation to be [...]

Motivational Speeches

APB athletes conduct motivational talks at schools in regions where the events take place. Inspiring youths to live towards a positive future is paramount for our society. Topic discussions on [...]

Kids with Disabilities Experience

In Puerto Rico at the Encanto Pro Cultura November 2015, APB athletes shared a day at the beach with the local community kids that live with Autism and Down-Syndrome. Sharing and riding waves [...]

From “Favela Kid” to World Champ!

Every year, our top athletes give talks to the kids of the favelas and take them Bodyboarding and expose them to the ocean and the Bodyboard. Our athletes conduct talks about drugs, alcohol and [...]

Visiting With Disabled Children

APB social projects are a big part of the makeup of the world tour and today the APB athletes visited the disability centre in Taravao to take part in a few social activities with the disabled [...]

Tahiti Kids Clinic

Some of the top APB athletes and legends of the sport got together and ran a Bodyboarding clinic at the Teahupo’o beach break for the village children. Mike Stewart, Guiherme Tamega, Jeff & [...]

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