Every year, our top athletes give talks to the kids of the favelas and take them Bodyboarding and expose them to the ocean and the Bodyboard. Our athletes conduct talks about drugs, alcohol and violence that surrounds these kids and explain that by using the ocean to surf is an escape from this negative path. Teaching and guiding the youth to live a better life through sport and the ocean is one of our life changing social projects here at the APB.

These programs included:

  1. Motivational Speeches from the international riders to students of public schools. We ran 2 programs, 600 students with their teachers were impacted.
  2. An opening ceremony that was create by the community, experienced in center : the plaza, and shared it as cultural experience among 24 countries, stimulating international relations for the island.
  1. A recycling pilot project that estimulated the public vision and consiousness about the environment, while a group of volunteers collect and contain the material.
  2. The creation of a course of judging to promote the educational formation of young adults and stimulates them to pursuit a potential professional career. We gave two grants to participants, the APB Head Judge gave his time as a donation.
  3. The creation of cultural routes for tourists for the international athletes and staff. Three tours were created with the Moca and Isabela Municipality and Cabo Rojo municipality. 30 participants from 11 different countries.
  4. The establishment of the ̈National design of indumentary fair ̈. Giving to national micro business the opportunity to sell, exchange and exposure their products to a mass national and international public, while stimulating their entrepreneur commitment on the country. 5 micro businesses were part of the initiative.
  5. A clinic of Bodyboarding ̈Boogie Brunch ̈, were the professional athletes volunteer as teachers to kids with special needs, participants of two different non profit organizations that give bodyboarding and surfing classes as therapies to different conditions. Among them : Microcephalia, down syndorome and autisim.
  6. The cultural festival took place during the first three days of the event, during the festival we had a Drama presentation, 4 live music bands and one modern dance presentation. This was the first time that a bodyboarding event included in their front stage the cultural presentations.
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Pro Bodyboarders surfing with Puerto Rican kids with Autism and Down-Syndrome