Social Projects

Social Projects

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) is the governing body of the World Professional Bodyboarding Tour. The APB Tour visits many regions across the globe where social work is needed within the communities. Athletes of the APB are hero’s to these kids so it is paramount that we lead with a positive step and teach the youth of today about life and growing up and what difficulties they will face on the road ahead. By using motivational speaking and exposing them to the ocean and the bodyboard we may be able to steer them into the right direction away from drugs, alcohol, crime and violence. Bodyboarding is a fun, healthy sport which involves interaction with others and best of all the ocean is free….

The APB also visits kids hospitals, charity associations & kids with disabilities schools and interacts with them. Sometimes the kids experience what it feels like to ride a wave which impacts them in a very positive way.

From favela to world glory: A Brazilian bodyboarder’s story

Copacabana beach is the training ground where, against the odds, one young life was to change forever.

For Rio de Janeiro isn’t just about sun and sand. As highlighted during last year’s Olympic Games, the Brazilian city is also home to gritty favelas – none more notorious that Pavao-Pavaozinho, known for its gangs and drugs trade. It is also where bodyboarding aces Matheus Bastos and Socrates Santana grew up – the latter rising above his humble origins to become a two time Junior Pro World Champion. “If you don’t have a family that guides you, makes you go to school and do sport, then I have no doubt you’re going to look for an easier path in life, which will probably turn out to be the wrong path,” Socrates said. “If you choose the wrong path, there are two options. You either end up in prison, or dead.”

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“I was very proud of him, the first and the second time he won this prize,” said his mother IIgoor Santana. Now 18, Socrates competes with the men, although flight cancellations due to Hurricane Irma have interfered with his recent schedule. An inspiration to thousands of young Brazilians, his life has been transformed – but he will never forget where it all started.


Tahiti Kids Clinic


Some of the top APB athletes and legends of the sport got together and ran a Bodyboarding clinic at the Teahupo’o beach break for the village children. Mike Stewart, Guiherme Tamega, Jeff & Dave Hubbard, Alex Leon, Jase Finlay, Sebastian Kreft, Garth McGregor, Roy Overstreet, Hitoti Henry & Jorge Colomer plus more were on hand to help coach and teach the kids about the ocean and Bodyboarding. Read more at

Community Project – Visiting with Disabled Children


APB social projects are a big part of the makeup of the world tour and today the APB athletes visited the disability centre in Taravao to take part in a few social activities with the disabled kids of the centre. The group of kids welcomed the top riders with a few songs and special dancers that gave everyone a humbling feeling. Read more at


 Bodyboarding saves lives…



Every year, our top athletes give talks to the kids of the favelas and take them Bodyboarding and expose them to the ocean and the Bodyboard. Our athletes conduct talks about drugs, alcohol and violence that surrounds these kids and explain that by using the ocean to surf is an escape from this negative path. Teaching and guiding the youth to live a better life through sport and the ocean is one of our life changing social projects here at the APB.

These programs included:

  1. Motivational Speeches from the international riders to students of public schools. We ran 2 programs, 600 students with their teachers were impacted.
  2. An opening ceremony that was create by the community, experienced in center : the plaza, and shared it as cultural experience among 24 countries, stimulating international relations for the island.
  1. A recycling pilot project that estimulated the public vision and consiousness about the environment, while a group of volunteers collect and contain the material.
  2. The creation of a course of judging to promote the educational formation of young adults and stimulates them to pursuit a potential professional career. We gave two grants to participants, the APB Head Judge gave his time as a donation.
  3. The creation of cultural routes for tourists for the international athletes and staff. Three tours were created with the Moca and Isabela Municipality and Cabo Rojo municipality. 30 participants from 11 different countries.
  4. The establishment of the ̈National design of indumentary fair ̈. Giving to national micro business the opportunity to sell, exchange and exposure their products to a mass national and international public, while stimulating their entrepreneur commitment on the country. 5 micro businesses were part of the initiative.
  5. A clinic of Bodyboarding ̈Boogie Brunch ̈, were the professional athletes volunteer as teachers to kids with special needs, participants of two different non profit organizations that give bodyboarding and surfing classes as therapies to different conditions. Among them : Microcephalia, down syndorome and autisim.
  6. The cultural festival took place during the first three days of the event, during the festival we had a Drama presentation, 4 live music bands and one modern dance presentation. This was the first time that a bodyboarding event included in their front stage the cultural presentations.


Pro Bodyboarders surfing with Puerto Rican kids with Autism and Down-Syndrome

Pro Bodyboarders surfing with Puerto Rican kids with Autism and Down-Syndrome

In Puerto Rico at the Encanto Pro Cultura November 2015, APB athletes shared a day at the beach with the local community kids that live with Autism and Down-Syndrome. Sharing and riding waves together is a unique feeling that leaves the less-fortunate kids with a big smile and an experience to remember.



Amaury Laverhe Motivation Speeches

Amaury Laverhe Motivation Speeches

APB athletes conduct motivational talks at schools in regions where the events take place. Inspiring youths to live towards a positive future is paramount for our society. Topic discussions on drugs, alcohol, violence, health and friendships are conducted and also the opportunity to become a professional athlete is a focus point.


Awareness about the beach environment is ultimately one of the most important agenda’s throughout the world. If we want to make change we need to start now. If we want our next generation to be able to enjoy the ocean and the beaches then we need to recycle and look after the environment we use everyday. APB athletes use recycling projects at each APB event and take the kids on a beach clean-up day by segregating bottles, plastics and rubbish into separate bins. When kids see their mentors & hero’s participating in these projects then they will want to follow in their footsteps.


Racism and religious views are an everyday subject in the world we live in and unfortunately we cannot control it. We need to respect the different religions and races that make up our cultures and educate the youth about this topic. There is quite a mix of religious and colored athletes in the APB. The mixing of the sands is a cultural program we conduct at the beginning of our events to bring peace and hope to the region and display a mutual respect to one another.